WWE News: Man With COVID-19 Can't Wait to Get Near Large Crowds

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre may be out of action due to COVID-19 at the moment, but he can't wait to get back in front of giant crowds of people. In a recent interview with Tampa, Florida's NBC affiliate, WFLA, McIntyre discussed WWE's plans to allow a large crowd into the building for WrestleMania later this year.

It's unknown where Drew McIntyre contracted COVID-19, but WWE should have probably never let him in the ring with this guy.
It's unknown where Drew McIntyre contracted COVID-19, but WWE should have probably never let him in the ring with this guy.

"Last year, was big for for me, the biggest moment of my career, main eventing WrestleMania, winning my first WWE title from [former UFC champion] Brock Lesnar. Unfortunately, [we couldn't be] at Raymond James Stadium in front of 90,000 people, family, friends, there, but the good thing is, we gave the world an escape at the height of a pandemic," said McIntyre. "But I'm also very grateful we're getting a take two this year… So I'm really excited to hear more about that as the weeks go on on, and actually be able to walk out with my WWE title and be able to hold it up in front of fans."

McIntyre should be clear of the virus by that time, though we hope the title is well-sanitized regardless before McIntyre holds it up in front of the fans.

"It's the one thing we've been missing all year," McIntyre continued. "It's our number one Superstar, our secret sauce, what makes WWE special is how passionate and loud, and knowledgeable our fanbase are. They can change the pace of a match. They can make an average match good, a good match great, or if an interview is going on in the ring that they don't like, they'll crap all over it. And if you don't know what you're doing it, if you're not getting your job and you can't roll with the punches, then you probably don't deserve to be in front of those fans. That's what makes them so special, they love the product so much. And we miss them. We miss the live interaction. We see everything on social media. We hear the reactions live in the ThunderDome. But to have the fans there in person, that's what I'm looking forward to the most."

Get well soon, Drew McIntyre… for all of our sakes!

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