WWE NXT 7/8/20 Great American Bash Night 2 Part 1: That's Gotta Hurt

AEW's Fyter Fest Night 2 was a great show. Now it's time to see if NXT's Great American Bash Night 2 can top it. I saw the spoiler for the main event last week, but there's a chance it was a swerve. It's also time to see if I can stay awake through four straight hours of wrestling on a Wednesday Night.

NXT starts with a video package and then Candice LeRae comes out for her street fight with Mia Yim. Yim attacks her at the top of the ramp and takes the brawl to ringside and then into the ring. Yim tries to toss a garbage can lid into the ring but it flies all the way over it to the other side. She throws a garbage can, several chairs, and two Singapore canes in. All that shopping for weapons took a lot of time, so LeRae grabs the cane and attacks Yim. Yim blocks it after a few shots and then returns fire with her own. Yim heads back outside to get that garbage can lid and bring it in the ring. Then she rolls out again and gets a table, which she also brings into the ring. When she tries to follow, LeRae hits a dropkick that sends her back to the floor.

NXT 7/8/20 Great American Bash Night 2 Part 1 - That's Gotta Hurt (Image: WWE)
NXT 7/8/20 Great American Bash Night 2 Part 1 – That's Gotta Hurt (Image: WWE)

LeRae props the corner in the table. Both women battle for the chance to put their opponent through it. Yim gives up and rolls LeRae up for a two count. The table will have to wait until later.  LeRae and Yim engage in ringside violence. The brawl spills through one of the barriers and into the crowd area. Where's Ric Flair to talk about WWE's great social distancing practices? They brawl near a table set up with food so we finally get to see what the NXT trainees are allowed to eat while the main roster gets catering. The answer is a bag of oranges and some bananas. Haha, you poor fools! You're getting coronavirus for bagged fruit? Yim gets up on a platform and LeRea blasts her with a fire extinguisher. LeRea goes for a suplex off the platform through the catering table, but Yim blocks and dropkicks LeRea through it instead. Starving WWE trainees dive to salvage the oranges. NXT takes a commercial break.

After the break, LeRea tries to pin Yim, but Yim kicks out. LeRae jams a chair edge-first into Yim's ribs. She rolls outside and grabs more chairs. There are seven or eight chairs in the ring now. LeRae hits Yim with the garbage can lid. She moves the table that was propped in the corner to be set up across the top ropes in the corner instead. She goes for a suplex which through the table which wouldn't actually work considering how high it's positioned, so it's good that Yim reverses it. They trade kicks and both women sell on the mat. They get to their feet and Yim forces LeRae into a corner. She puts a garbage can over her head and kicks it, then does a cannonball onto it. Yim gets a two-count.

Yim puts on some brass knuckles, but before she can use them, LeRae attacks with a chair. She puts Yim on top of a pile of chairs and puts more chairs on top of her. LeRae climbs to the top of the table in the corner, but she takes too long and Yim stops her. Yim rearranges the chairs on the ground and then climbs up to the table with LeRae. LeRae gets the brass knuckles away from Yim. LeRae hits Yim with the brass knuckles. She hits a swinging neck-breaker off the table onto the pile of chairs. LeRae gets the win.

That was one hell of an opener. There isn't much I enjoy more than a good hardcore match. Mark Henry talks up Keith Lee in a video. Afterward, LeRae and Yim are still out cold in the ring on top of the pile of chairs. That's a nice touch. NXT goes to commercials again.

NXT shows some clips to get us up to speed on the next match. After Bronson Reed beat jobber Leon Ruff a few weeks ago they formed a special bond apparently. So in a match that happened "before we went on air" — read, they recorded just the part in the clip to make it seem like a match happened — Tony Nese was disrespecting Ruff, so Reed challenged him to a match, which is happening now. Reed and Nese come to the ring. Nese mocks Reed over Reed's lack of abs. The NXT viewing audience feels Reed's pain. Reed tosses Nese into the corner. He puts Nese in an armbar, but Nese pulls his hair to escape. Nese does a backflip over Reed and then some jumping jacks. Reed knocks him down with a shoulder tackle, followed by a military press and a senton.

The fight spills outside. When they head back in, Nese puts the apron over Reed's head and takes control. Nese punches and kicks Reed. They exchange strikes. Nese tries an inside cradle, but Nese kicks out. Nese hits a dropkick. More strikes are exchanged. Nese tries to throw Reed out of the ring, but that's not happening. Reed takes control. He hits a reverse atomic drop, a bionic elbow, and a splash in the corner. Reed catches a crossbody attempt from Nese, but Nese hits him in the neck. He bounces Reed's neck off the ropes and then hits a springboard splash, but can only get a two-count. Reed hits a big clothesline and goes to the top rope. He hits a splash and gets the win. Short and to the point. Reed needed some heat back after jobbing to Karrion Kross, and he got it.

WWE NXT Great American Bash Night 2 Recap Continues!

We get the Mercedez Martinez video package we've been seeing the last few weeks. Martinez is back tonight. Robert Stone is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell backstage. He is ready to unveil his latest signing. He and Aliyah approach Shotzi Blackheart, who is hanging out in her tank, and try to get her to join the Robert Stone Brand. He claims the brand is on fire. Blackheart says its' a dumpster fire. She refuses to join. Stone flips out and annoys Killian Dane, who tosses Stone into a cabinet. Blackheart runs over Stone's leg with her tank. Stone freaks out like his leg has been crushed. NXT goes to commercials.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott is in the ring for a match with Johnny Gargano, which was set up last week during a backstage brawl between Mia Yim and Candice LeRae. Gargano gets his full entrance. They start with some mat wrestling. Gargano gets the better of several exchanges. Swerve can't compete with Gargano here. Swerve makes his way to his feet and the match gets more fast-paced. They do a long sequence of dodges and reversals. Swerve takes Gargano back out of the ring with a hurricanrana and then dives out after him, setting up a commercial break.

After the break, Gargano is in control but Swerve fights back. They trade some moves until Gargano hits a slingshot spear for a two-count. Gargano mounts Swerve in the corner, but Swerve wriggles out. Another reversal sequence ensues which Swerve wins with a suplex. More reversals and an exchange of strikes and Swerve hits the House Call, but he's too out of it to pin Gargano. Gargano gets an STF on Swerve, who reverses into a pin attempt. More reversals and Swerve hits a JML Driver for a two-count. He goes to the top, but Gargano rolls out to the apron and blocks him. Swerve kicks Gargano to the apron and goes for a double stomp, but Gargano dodges. He shoves Swerve's face into the ring post and hits a reverse hurricanrana on the floor. He tosses Swerve into the ring and hits the One Final Beat for a three-count.  It was a decent match, but — and I know NXT marks will hate this — Gargano just does nothing for me.

We're down to just one more hour of wrestling to get through, and it features a huge title match. Join me in part two of this NXT report for the finale.

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