WWE NXT Recap – Cameron Grimes Visits the Haunted House of Horrors

On WWE NXT last night, Cameron Grimes visited Dexter Lumis in the Haunted House of Horrors and got eaten by zombies. We'll tell you all about it right here in part one of The Shovel: Wednesday Night Wars Edition covering AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT. Tonight is a special Halloween Havoc episode of NXT, and we're just two weeks away from AEW Full Gear.

I'm Jude Terror. This is The Shovel: Wednesday Night Wars Edition, a form of self-punishment where I watch four straight hours of Wrestling on a Wednesday Night and pay tribute to them with the highest art form available to the wrestling "journalist": the TV recap. I watch AEW first and NXT after, and this will be a series of six posts published on Thursday morning because… well, look, I don't get paid by the word. I get paid by the article. You can find the navigation right before the logo below and also at the bottom of the page.

The Shovel - Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]
The Shovel – Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]

WWE NXT Recap for October 28th, 2020 Part 2

Cameron Grimes is backstage, begging William Regal not to make him go through with the Haunted House match. He wants Regal to come with him, but Regal refuses. A white van pulls up. Michael P.S. Hayes gets out of the van and cuts a promo on Grimes. He walks off. Grimes gets in the van.

Santos Escobar comes out to the ring with LEgado del Fantasma. They all have half-skull paint. Darby Allin fans, I guess. Jake Atlas is already in there.

Santos Escobar vs. Jake Atlas

They have a match. A regular match. No wheels. No deals. It ends quickly, without even a commercial break when Legado del Fantasma interfere and Escobar wins with a DDT.

Winner: Santos Escobar

We get a video package for the feud between Ember Moon vs. Dakota Kai. Shotzi Blackheart, wearing a new costume, howls at the moon and tells us we'll be getting the Haunted House of Terror match next. NXT takes a commercial break.

Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis – Haunted House of Horrors Match

Okay, so that Marilyn Manson song we've heard throughout the show is called Don't Chase the Dead. I guess he put out a new album. Cameron Crimes arrives at the Haunted House of Horror. He talks trash to DExter Lumis as he makes his way to the house. He walks right past Lumis, sitting in a tree. He makes it in the house where he's scared of everything he sees. Lumis follows him in the house and sort of chases him around the house like a slasher, busting through walls and shit, while Grimes encounters various spooky gimmicks, like zombies.

I'll give it this… it's better than that match Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton did. But not by much. It ends in a "to be continued" when Grimes runs away terrified.

Winner: Dexter Lumis?

Rhea Ripley comes to the ring as NXT takes a commercial break. After the break, Raquel Gonzales comes out.

Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Gonzalez

This match is the female equivalent of a hoss fight. Just stiff shots back and forth by these big women beating the shit out of each other. Pro wrasslin' at its purest. The equivalent of two boxers just standing in the ring and punching each other in the face over and over.

Eventually, it spills outside, and Gonzalez powerbombs Ripley into the plexiglass ring barrier, which sets up a commercial break and an extended period of control by Gonzalez where she dominates, with Ripley making the occasional false comeback only to get beat down again.

Eventually, Ripley gets a real comeback when she reverses a powerbomb by Gonzales and hits Rip Tide for the three-count.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

It doesn't get much better than that. Cameron Grimes is running down a Florida suburban street as NXT takes a commercial break. After the break, Drake Maverick is dressed like Hulk Hogan and cuts a promo as him. Some shenanigans ensue with an Andre the Giant, a mummy, and Killian Dane dressed as the Shockmaster. Then we see Cameron Grimes arriving at the COVID Wrestling Center.

Haunted House of Horrors Match Part 2

Grimes makes his way into the graveyard portion of the set. HE's terrified by this. The zombies have followed him. He cries and begs for his life and backs into a ring set up in the graveyard area with a smoke machine. Lumis shows up behind him and kicks his ass. The zombies surround Grimes. Grimes hits one with the Cave-In. Another zombie (this one Dexter Lumis's sister apparently) climbs on Lumis's shoulders, and he gorilla presses her into Grimes. Lumis hits a urinage and then puts the Silence on Grimes. Grimes passes out.

Winner: Dexter Lumis?

The Zombies eat Grimes after the match or something. It was ridiculous, and not in a good way. But forgivable because at least they tried something different. We see a video package for Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai, the main event. They better get a good gimmick off the wheel. I advocate for Buried Alive. I haven't seen one of those in a long time.

The wheel will be spun one more time tonight. Will we get a good match this time? Find out by clicking through to the next and final part of this WWE NXT recap.

This post is part of a multi-part series: The Shovel: Wednesday Night Wars Edition for October 28th, 2020.

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