WWE Payback Results: Keith Lee Manhandles Orton All the Way to Victory

There was not much time to recover from the WWE spectacle that is Shayna Baszler, who managed to use Sasha Banks' body to help submit Bayley to an incredible submission. With the upset resulting in a new tag team women's champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler sent their excitement into the next match which was the long-awaited showdown between Keith Lee and Randy Orton.

Only one week ago, Drew McIntyre retained his championship against Orton, who responded in kind with a sucker attack against Drew. Although Keith Lee did not take kindly to Orton's assault on McIntyre, not even his involvement would save Drew from a second and brutal beatdown, resulting in a fractured skull of the WWE champion.

A look at WWE Payback (Image: WWE)
A look at WWE Payback (Image: WWE)

Donned in a much more acceptable ring gear than his last Raw challenge, Keith Lee looked every bit the limitless and dominant force that fans recognize from NXT. In his first-ever one on one pay-per-view match, Lee shrugged off Orton's first move against him of the night (a headlock), and sent the Legend Killer in a scurry out of the ring. Seemingly offended by this, Orton demanded respect from his opponent and delivered jaw-dropping strikes against the NXT star, with Lee shrugging these devastating blows off again and again.

Although Orton did launch Lee into the announcers' table and momentarily shift the momentum in his favor, Lee kicked out of a pin and endured enough of Orton's abuse before launching him out of the ring once more. The explosive power of Lee was set against the calamitous strikes of Orton, making the thirteen-time champion look almost weak in comparison. Although Orton did utilize enough experience at times to use the size of Lee against him, especially with a well-timed DDT, the Legend Killer was no match for the unexpected and raw tenacity of Lee.

Prepared for an RKO, Orton was instead manhandled out of position by Lee who spirit-bombed the champ and dropped him into an astonishing pin. In what has to be the highlight of the WWE newcomer's career, Lee left the ring to thunderous applause celebrating the win of the night.

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