WWE Raw Preview: A PPV-Worthy Card with Multiple Title Matches

WWE Raw will be on the air shortly, which means it's almost time for what will surely be the highlight of The Chadster's entire week. It's all downhill from there as AEW Dynamite airs on Wednesday and Tony Khan will undoubtedly be trying to further inflict sexual impotence on The Chadster with his booking, but that's a problem for Wednesday Chad. For Monday Chad, all that matters is that Mr. McMahon has booked what, in The Chadster's estimation, may be the most stacked card or an episode of WWE Raw ever.


And it all starts off with the return of the Rated R Superstar, Edge! If The Chadster is being honest, The Chadster prefers Superstars who are rated PG, but Edge isn't bad himself and since he's been so loyal to WWE unlike his traitorous brother Christian, The Chadster can accept if he wants to get a little bit raunchy once in a while. But just a little bit.

The action will continue when Finn Balor takes on Seth Rollins. This is a match that could easily main event a PPV so The Chadster is a little nervous that WWE is giving it away for free but The Chadster has faith that Vince McMahon always knows what he's doing since he's the person who invented sports entertainment.

A lot of people praise AEW for their tag team division, which frankly The Chadster finds to be extremely unfair because WWE's tag team division is just as good if not better. After all, could you see the likes of RKBro vs. Dirty Dawgs on Dynamite on Rampage? The Chadster doesn't think so. That's a WWE Raw exclusive, and just one more reason why WWE is so much better than AEW.

Speaking of title matches, Damian Priest will defend his belt against Apollo Crews on WWE Raw tonight and The Chadster is practically peeing his pants over the prospect of this match. How amazing would it be if the United States title changed hands on Raw?! Oops, The Chadster just wet himself a little bit thinking about it.

Finally, Big E will face Kevin Owens on WWE Raw, which The Chadster would normally be extremely excited about, but The Chadster must admit he is a little paranoid that without a new contract, Owens could be planning to jump to AEW sometime soon, which would be a literal tragedy. If Kevin Owens does that it will prove that he has absolutely zero respect for the wrestling business, just like Tony Khan.

WWE Raw airs at 8PM Eastern on the USA Network, so be sure to tune in so they get a big rating and beat AEW or The Chadster may never be able to have sex with his wife again.

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