WWE Star Renee Young Battles Jon Moxley Over Garbage Disposal Rules

WWE Star and future cookbook author Renee Young took to Twitter on Friday to reveal shocking details about her personal relationship with her husband and AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. According to Young, she and Moxley were involved in a match with the fate of their garbage disposal on the line. "Marriage during quarantine is arguing about what items can go down the garbage disposal," Young tweeted. "Apparently, I'm on the losing end. 🤷🏼‍♀️"

WWE's Renee Young doing commentary for Monday Night Raw (Image: WWE)
WWE's Renee Young doing commentary for Monday Night Raw (Image: WWE)

Fellow WWE star Natalya responded with two laughing emojis, prompting Young to reply, "Apparently tea bags cant go down." That attracted the attention of WWE's Cesaro, who had a suggestion: "Open the teabag, leaves in the compost, paper in the recycling." But Renee wasn't interested in putting in the work to save the environment, responding, "That seems like its 100% the right answer, but also- a lot of work for one cup of tea." MLW and AEW star Brian Pillman Jr. simply laughed at Young's conflict.

The incident even sparked mainstream attention in the sports media, with reporter Carrlyn Bathe offering, "I'll tell you what can't: bacon grease. And sometimes you need to let your hubs dump the grease down there, back the drains up, and pay $400 for the plumber for you to say 'See, I told you so.'" Young replied, "Hahaha i HATE cooking with grease because the disposal is such a nightmare!!"

Young wasn't the only pro wrestler fighting with her significant other over what can and cannot go in a garbage disposal. Chelsea Green also chimed in about a similar debate with Matt Cardona, tweeting, "Face with tears of joy we just had this argument last week & had to get ours replaced." That prompted a response from Lance Storm, who wrote. "My step dad had an industrial strength one. We could put steak bones down that sucker. Was noise as hell but it would chew up a large T Bone." Young liked that idea, adding, "See that's what i need!! I feel like these garbage disposals are being rather pathetic! Egg shells are a problem? C'mon man!"

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