You Can Touch Joey Ryan's Famous Wrestling Penis for 30 Bucks at WrestleCon

Tickets are available to pre-order right now for what's sure to be the hottest pro wrestling event of the weekend, at least by somebody's metrics. Joey Ryan is hosting a photo op at WrestleCon called "You Can Touch It," where ticket-holders will apparently be allowed to touch his penis in their photos. The event is likely to be so popular, Ryan is scheduled for two fifteen-minute blocks, one on Friday at 3:15 PM and one on Saturday at 2PM.

This once a lifetime… okay, twice in a lifetime opportunity will take place at WrestleCon at the Hilton Midtown Hotel in New York City. Tickets are $30 per person with a $3 fee for John Moses Pro Photo Ops. So if you want to touch Joey Ryan's penis alone, you'll need to pay $33. If you and a friend want to touch it, that's $66. If you want to bring your whole family… well, you get the picture. Other wrestlers scheduled for photo ops at the venue include Shawn Michaels, Jerry Lawler, Road Warrior Animal, and David Arquette, but believe it or not, none of those allow for penis touching, even though they cost more money per ticket. So if you think about it, this is really a great bargain.

The photo op is restricted to persons age 18 and over only, so be sure to bring your identification if you want to score a photo of yourself grabbing hold of the most famous wrestling penis in history. Click the links above to get tickets before they're all sold out.

You Can Touch Joey Ryan's Famous Wrestling Penis for 30 Bucks at WrestleCon

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