'Young Justice: Outsiders' Season 3 Episode 2, "Royal We" [SPOILER RECAP]

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's recap of DC Universe's Young Justice: Outsiders, as we take a look at the season's second episode 'Royal We' (and make sure to catch up on our recap of the premiere episode 'Princes All' here)…

It's What You Know

'Young Justice: Outsiders' Season 3 Episode 2, "Royal We" [SPOILER RECAP]

Beast Boy is living as America's latest teen heart-throb as an actor on Space Trek 3016. He delivers an emotional public service announcement regarding metahuman trafficking, as over 16,000 abductions have been reported worldwide.

If you see something, scream something.

United Nations. July 30, 14:22 EDT

'Young Justice: Outsiders' Season 3 Episode 2, "Royal We" [SPOILER RECAP]

At the United Nations, the Justice League liaison reads a statement informing the world about the recent League member resignations. The representatives from a number of nations bicker over the authority that the UN has over the League, with Secretary General Lex Luthor keeping tight regulations on vigilante/hero activity around the world. The Markovian representative states that Markovia prohibits that activity and will deny access to any vigilante or superheroes attempting to operate in their country.

Mission: Bedlam

'Young Justice: Outsiders' Season 3 Episode 2, "Royal We" [SPOILER RECAP]

Yeah… that's not quite working out as well as Markovia's representative to the United Nations let on. Nightwing and Tigress enter Markovia using fake passports and infiltrate the pre-coronation reception for Prince Gregor at the royal palace. Jeff and Conner fly the team's gear across the border and drop it at the Markovian National Cemetary before heading off to check on the children's hospital.

Nightwing identifies Princes Brion and Gregor, who are still arguing about allowing DeLamb to become the king's regent. Also in attendance are Dr. Ecks and Dr. Jace, who Nightwing believes are more likely suspects in the trafficking than the royal family. Brion tells Jace that he still wants to undergo the meta-gene activation. Jace points Brion to Ecks, who can help him.

'Young Justice: Outsiders' Season 3 Episode 2, "Royal We" [SPOILER RECAP]

While Nightwing tails Ecks and Brion, Tigress heads to the cemetery to retrieve their gear. There, she finds gravediggers burying failed meta-gene activation subjects in a mass grave. One of the deceased glows and returns to life. The gravediggers attack the terrified woman. Tigress fights off the gravediggers, with both she and the woman saving each other, and then the two head to safety.

'Young Justice: Outsiders' Season 3 Episode 2, "Royal We" [SPOILER RECAP]

Conner and Jeff bypass the hospital's security and follow the flow of electricity to a secret door in the morgue. In the tunnels beyond, the pair discover a mother box in pieces and children being contained in pods. Unfortunately, they are unable to call out to the rest of the team, as their communications are scrambled inside of the tunnels.

Before the two can free any of the kids, Vertigo arrives with a metahuman he calls Plasmus. Jeff recognizes Plasmus as the same type of creature he killed on Rann, which has left him unable to use his powers since. Conner punches down, creating a hole into the sewers below that allows him and Jeff to escape. Vertigo tells Otto (the same name as the boy whose sister Ana was turned into the metahuman Jeff killed on Rann… hmm…) to follow and kill them.

Conner bends the sewer grate and tells Jeff to jump. Jeff hits the water, injuring himself. Before Conner can jump in after him, Plasmus puts Conner in a bear hug, burning away Conner's suit and rendering him unconscious. Tigress and the woman follow Jeff's GPS coordinates and find him washed up beside the sewer lagoon.

'Young Justice: Outsiders' Season 3 Episode 2, "Royal We" [SPOILER RECAP]

Nightwing watches Ecks lead Brion into the hospital. Keeping his distance, Nightwing releases an insect sized drone to follow the two, tracking them as they move into the tunnels, where the transmission cuts out. With Conner unaccounted for and the action all happening in the tunnels, Nightwing alerts the team that he's going in through the hospital entrance and the rest are to re-enter through the sewers and meet him inside.

young justice outsiders s03e02

Inside the lab, Brion rages against Ecks for being a part of the meta-human trafficking ring. Vertigo puts Brion down and has him placed in a pod next to Conner. Vertigo scolds Ecks that "his Highness" will not be pleased with Ecks potentially exposing their operation. As Brion corrected Ecks earlier, only the king or crowned prince should be addressed as "Highness," – suggesting Gregor may be in on the trafficking. Vertigo exits the lab, where he is informed that one of the failed subjects came back to life and got away with the help of a masked woman. With all the activity taking place, Vertigo feels the operation going south and has the hospital locked down.

While Vertigo's away, Jace enters the lab and administers the tar to Brion in an attempt to activate his meta-gene.


Thanks for joining us for this episode, and let us know what you thought in the comments below. Check back for our recap of the season's third new episode of the weekend, 'Eminent Threat'.

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