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'Swamp Thing': Not Easy Being Green? Tell That to The Floronic Man
After the news broke that the 13-episode season would now consist of 10 episodes, the streaming service put to rest concerns about both the series' and DC Universe' future by releasing a teaser for the series and clarifying that the episode reduction was due to "creative differences" between the show's creators and streaming service but[...]
Through the DC Universe app, you can now for free watching the first episodes of Titans, Doom Patrol, and Young Justice: Outsiders Check out a trailer below announcing the news: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: First Episodes Free | DC Universe | The Ultimate Membership ( This is certainly a great idea, as many[...]
[BC Exclusive] 'Justice League: The Fatal Five' Soundtrack Announcement from DMP
[Editor's Note: this interview with DMP members Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter, and Michael McCuistion about Young Justice: The Outsiders and more comes to us from Bleeding Cool contributor, Jimmy Leszczynski.] Emmy Award-winning musical team Dynamic Music Partners (Batman:The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Batman:The Brave And The Bold) have returned once again to thrill your earholes with the pulse-pounding[...]
'Young Justice: Outsiders' Recap – "True Heroes"…Not So Fast! [SPOILERS]
Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's recap of this week's final four new episodes of the first half of DC Universe's  Young Justice: Outsiders, as we take a look at the final episode of the first half of the season, "True Heroes." Happy Harbor October 31, 17:42 EDT DC Universe We interrupt this awkward Happy Harbor High School Halloween dance prep[...]
'Young Justice: Outsiders' Recap – "Nightmare Monkeys": Gar Goes Goggling  [SPOILERS]
Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's recap of this week's final four new episodes of the first half of DC Universe's  Young Justice: Outsiders (set to return June 2019) as we take a look at the season's twelfth episode, "Nightmare Monkeys". Happy Harbor October 15, 19:21 EDT DC Universe The team – along with Jeff and Jace – gather to meet Vic[...]
'Young Justice: Outsiders' "Home Fires": The Light Begins to Shine [SPOILER RECAP]
Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's recap of this week's trifecta of new episodes of DC Universe's Young Justice: Outsiders, as we take a look at the season's ninth episode, "Home Fires." Greater Bialya September 28, 22:03 UTC +3 DC Universe Queen Bee has assembled the members of The Light There are two issues that need addressed–both requiring discretion[...]
'Young Justice: Outsiders' s3e6 "Rescue Op": No One Listens to Dick [SPOILER RECAP]
Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's weekly recap of DC Universe's Young Justice: Outsiders, as we jump right in with our look at the season's sixth episode, 'Rescue Op': Al-Qawiya August 5. Jaqqar Marlo spills out of a back-alley nightclub, playing the AR game that everyone is playing using the Goode VR goggles He is confronted by Black Spider, an assassin[...]
'Young Justice: Outsiders' Season 3 Episode 2, "Royal We" [SPOILER RECAP]
Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's recap of DC Universe's Young Justice: Outsiders, as we take a look at the season's second episode 'Royal We' (and make sure to catch up on our recap of the premiere episode 'Princes All' here)… It's What You Know Beast Boy is living as America's latest teen heart-throb as an actor on Space[...]
Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 1 'Princes All' (SPOILER RECAP)
Wecome to Bleeding Cool's recap/overview of DC Universe's Young Justice: Outsiders season, as we take a look at the first episode 'Princes All.' The Watchtower July 4, 24:16 EDT. Following the events of the season two finale–namely Wally's apparent death while preventing the world from going BOOM!–Nightwing decides to step away from the team for awhile[...]
YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS – Official Trailer (Series Premiere 1/4/19)
It's been a super long hiatus for Young Justice fans (you know, 2013!), but the third season of the series is finally on the horizon. Today, DC Universe (the DC Comics-centric streaming service which houses the live-action Titans series) released a trailer for their upcoming Young Justice: Outsiders series, which will kinda-sorta be season 3 of the[...]
DC Universe Announces the Premiere Date for Young Justice: Outsiders
It looks like they are going to continue this pattern. Today DC shared a new video for the next season of Young Justice called Young Justice: Outsiders In that video, we got a release date of January 4th which is one week after the final episode of the first season of Titans is set to air[...]
Young Justice
Announced today at NYCC, Greg Weisman himself will be joined by artist Chistopher Jones on a single issue comic titled Young Justice: Outsiders It will be published on the DC Universe streaming service According to Wiseman the one-shot will take place between Invasion and Outsiders, but will not cover the entire timeskip that is taking[...]
Her upcoming series Stargirl marks the seventh original series for DC Universe, joining Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp, Thing, Harley Quinn, Young Justice: Outsiders, and daily talk show DC Daily. Deadline Hollywood WBTV Warner Bros.Digital Networks and DC Entertainment didn't have to look to the stars to cast the lead in their upcoming live-action Stargirl series – they[...]
Young Justice: Outsiders Rises with a New Trailer at SDCC 2018
Rather than use the theater of the mind to describe what I saw, why don't you just watch it below? Go ahead, I'll wait. The third season of this program is entitled Young Justice: Outsiders Even the most passive of DC fans can anticipate that the season will introduce a version of the same team as[...]
Young Justice: Outsiders
The series' cancellation has been speculated to have been caused by lack of toy sales. The second season of the series was called Young Justice: Invasion, and keeping with that idea, the third season is being called Young Justice: Outsiders The series is set to return/debut on the new streaming service in 2019. Young Justice: Outsiders features[...]
Young Justice Co-Creator Reveals Season 3 Outsiders Roster
So how much has changed since then? There haven't been many details of what the new season, titled Young Justice: Outsiders, will be about, but co-creator and executive producer Brandon Vietti took to Twitter with a new image showing what appears to be the lineup of the titular Outsiders. #YoungJusticeOutsiders Coming soon to the #DCUniverse streaming[...]