Speculator Corner: Invincible #111 (SPOILERS)

Bleeding Cool was first on the mark to point out why Invincible #110 may suddenly become a very collectable comic book.

Well, the market seems to be ahead of us on Invincible #111. And the front page lets you know exactly what you're getting going in, even if you can't quite believe it when it happens.


Many were expecting a reaction to the final scene in the previous issue, in which our lead was violently raped by another supercharacter, a rare example of a female-on-male rape.

Though, we basically got a bit of a sad face.


And yes, he got rather violent but a) that was against a genocidal robot and b) one who had just killed someone close to him.


But the final scenes when said robot assaulted his pregnant ex-girlfriend are the ones that got most folk talking. When this happened.


Lovely. It might just be possible that the previous hideous act against a man has justified this act of fridging – nihilist rather than misogynist. Still, the torture porn seems to have done the trick as far as the market is concerned. All standard copies on eBay have been bought. The only ones still listed are the higher priced variants and the Diamond Summit Retailer copy (below). The aailability of whoch, last weekend, seem to have got the market a little prepared for when the standard copies arrived this week.

Currently Invincible #110 sells for up to $20. Invincible #111 shows all the signs of joining it soon.



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