Off With Their Heads & Maybe Yours In 'We. The Revolution' At PAX West

One of the best indie games that caught me off guard at PAX West was a title by Polyslash called We. The Revolution. There's a certain passion people have for the French Revolution, as it was one of the bloodiest and horror-filled uprisings in a time where new democracies were breaking free from monarchies and tyranny. This game puts you in the middle of all that mess as a judge of the people in France when people were being sent to the guillotine frequently for even petty crimes.

We. The Revolution has you looking over the evidence, investigating the crime at hand for the accused, and passing judgment on whether they are to be killed or spared. Depending on what you do, you'll either earn favor or disapproval of the people or the current government heads in power, all while trying to further your own career and keep your own head out of the guillotine. The game itself was intriguing to me for the investigation skills required to solve the problems happening while also making sure you were serving France properly. The game is set for sometime in early 2018, but that can't come soon enough.

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