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Production Line Will Be Headed To Consoles Shortly
Klabater announced today that they will be bringing the PC hit Production Line over to all three major consoles, but we don't know when Developed by Positech Games, the game will have you operating a car building factory in every aspect, as you will be making sure everything operates at the highest levels, especially when[...]
Crossroads Inn Creator Klabater Decide On Gamefound To Crowdfund
Warsaw, Poland-based game design company Klabater has finally decided upon which crowdfunding platform will host the campaign to fund the tabletop board game adaptation of their video game Crossroads Inn Namely, the company has chosen to crowdfund via Gamefound Furthermore, Klabater has decided to work with Sirius Game Studio to develop and publish this game. The[...]
The Amazing American Circus Will Be Released On May 20th
Klabater released a new trailer this morning for The Amazing American Circus with the news the game has been pushed back The trailer came with the statement we have here for you from one of the CEOs of the company, explaining the situation and why the game has been pushed The shorthand to it is[...]
Klabater Releases New Information For Moonshine Inc.
Indie publisher Klabater has released new info about Moonshiners: The Game as it has now been renamed Moonshine Inc Originally the game was set to be based on the Moonshiner's TV series from Discovery, but after signing the rights two years ago, those rights reverted back to Discovery this month Rather than garbage a game[...]
Crossroads Inn Board Game To Be Published By Klabater, Out Q4 2022
Warsaw, Poland-based video game developer Klabater has announced that they will be adapting their classic inn-development game Crossroads Inn into a board game for tabletop play! The game is slated for an eventual release in Q3 of next year at the latest, judging by an infographic that the company has put out. The proposed box for the[...]
Heliborne Will Be Released On Xbox Consoles Next Month
Klabater announced this week that they'll be bringing Heliborne over to all Xbox consoles as the game will take off in June If you haven't played the game before, this is basically a chance for you to fly all sorts of helicopters from different periods in time Released back in 2017, you can fly classic[...]
The Amazing American Circus Will Be Released On May 20th
Klabater revealed this morning that they now have an official release date for The Amazing American Circus set for early August Specifically, the game will be released for PC and consoles on August 12th and will come in both a standard edition for $20 and a Ringmaster's Edition for $30, the latter of which will[...]
The Amazing American Circus Will Be Released On May 20th
Klabater revealed this week that they will be releasing The Amazing American Circus on both PC and consoles on May 20th, 2021 The company first revealed the game back in October with a tentative 2021 release, but basically, everything was up in the air at that point with the COVID-19 pandemic messing with everyone's predictions[...]
Klabater Announces The Amazing American Circus For 2021
Klabater revealed a brand new game on the way for 2021 as the company showed off The Amazing American Circus This is a rather interesting title to come out as it blends a few genres together being part card game, part tycoon game, and part adventure game You will build a wandering circus touring the[...]
This Is The Zodiac Speaking Will Be Released In September
A change in plans from Klabater and Punch Punk as the two have pushed the release of This Is The Zodiac Speaking back to October No specific reason was given for the push, but all things considered in a COVID-19 state of gaming, we're guessing the game needed just a little more work, and the[...]
This Is The Zodiac Speaking Will Be Released In September
Klabater and Punch Punk Games revealed new details and a Kickstarter today that their upcoming game, This Is The Zodiac Speaking We've known about the game for a few months now, including the release date of September 24th, 2020 for PC and all three major consoles But this week we learned a little bit more[...]
Skyhill: Black Mist Releases A New Gameplay Trailer
Before Klabater and Mandragora Games release Skyhill: Black Mist next week, the two have released a new gameplay trailer to show it off The game is being released on PC on May 28th, with a console version for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on the way for August 27th The game is a sequel[...]
Skyhill Black Mist 2020 Release
Klabater and Mandragora Games announced this week that their isometric survival-horror game Skyhill: Black Mist is coming in May In fact, the game will debut on PC on May 28th, as a follow-up to the original Skyhill game from 2015 The game plays out a little bit like a comic book inspired by classic horror[...]
This Is The Zodiac Speaking Announcement Art
Klabater and Punch Punk Games announced this morning that This Is The Zodiac Speaking will be officially released this Fall Taking place at a very specific point in time in American crime history, this is a first-person detective game that blends together horror, stealth, and detective genres along with multiple endings to discover Which ones[...]
"Big Pharma" Will Be Getting A Console Release In December
Klabater will be publishing the game on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on December 5th, complete with all content released up to this point Here's a little more info on the game for those who haven't played it. Credit: Klabater What if you had the power to rid the world of disease, to improve the lives[...]