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"Star Wars: Legion" Previews Galactic Father/Son Reunion
Fantasy Flight Games just announced an epic pair of releases for Star Wars: Legion that may adjust the mechanics of the game for the better Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader may already exist in the game, but two upcoming Operative Expansions will change the way players field these iconic characters. //Credit: Fantasy Flight Games Previously, Star Wars:[...]
Tauntaun Riders Charge Into Battle for "Star Wars: Legion"
If you had asked me a few months ago what units I wanted to see most for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Legion game, Tauntaun Riders would not have been on the list But now, I've had a chance to look them over a little, and they've quickly become one of my most anticipated new[...]
"Star Wars: Legion" Rolls Out New Droidekas Troops
Fantasy Flight Games has been rolling out plenty of teases for their new Clone Wars era expansions for Star Wars: Legion, with a core set set to drop in a few weeks, and the first few expansions focusing on Clone and Battle Droid trooper units The BARC Speeder will also be out soon, with individual[...]
"Star Wars: Legion" Rolls Out New Droidekas Troops
The folks at Fantasy Flight Games are keeping the buzz-a-buzzing with news of their upcoming Clone Wars-era expansions for the hit game Star Wars: Legion Now, we get a really good look at the rolly-polly droids of destruction, the Droidekas. //Credit: Fantasy Flight Games Versatile and extremely destructive, Droidekas are a threat to even veteran squads of[...]
"Star Wars: Legion": Preview of Rebel Veterans from FFG
With the recent release of both Bossk and Sabine, players of Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Legion have pretty much hunkered down to paint up the newest specialists from that galaxy far, far away But they won't have long, there's a new wave of reinforcements coming our way! //Credit: Fantasy Flight Games The Rebel Veterans unit expansion[...]
Fantasy Flight Games Releases Live Stream Schedule for July
The folks at Fantasy Flight Games have released their live stream schedule for the month of July, which includes a pretty momentous event on July 9th: We'll be getting a look at how the new Clones Wars era of Star Wars: Legion plays, with a live stream game starting at 1pm Central Time! //Credit: Fantasy Flight[...]
The Top 5 Games for International Table Top Day
Some have been around a while, but a few have been on the market for literally hours. Table Top Miniature Games Star Wars: Legion When Fantasy Flight Games first dropped Star Wars: Legion on us in 2018, a lot of happy Table Top gamers bought in and found an entirely entertaining game, with extremely limited troop options[...]
FFG Teams up with Army Painter for 'Star Wars: Legion' Paint Sets
In what I can only call wildly excellent news, Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they are teaming up with Army Painter to release a series of paints for their Star Wars: Legion game. //Credit: Fantasy Flight Games The intent of these paint sets is to set hobbyists with every color they need to get the core[...]
Looking Under the Hood of Fantasy Flight's X-34 Landspeeder for 'Star Wars: Legion'
Fantasy Flight Games released Star Wars: Legion about a year ago, and despite its overall entertainment value, the lack of troop variety hobbled the game early on. That's not the case any longer, with plenty of troop option for both rebel and Imperial players to choose from. Now, something familiar, yet completely different has been released, and[...]
'Star Wars: Legion' Empire Players About to Get Big Lizard Energy
Last month, Fantasy Flight Games announced the Tauntaun Riders Unit Expansion, and a couple of friends and I were geeking out about how cool the upcoming units for Star Wars: Legion looked. Then my eyes rolled back into my head, and I uttered pure prophecy from the Force: "I bet Dewbacks are next". The Force is strong with[...]
Fantasy Flight Games Announces Shore Troopers for Star Wars: Legion
Now that Star Wars: Legion is entering its second year in production, Fantasy Flight Games has been able to fill out the roster of available troops to allow for more diversity in army selection. Empire players are about to get a lot more bang for their buck with the release of the Imperial Shoretroopers Unit Expansion[...]
The fine folks at Fantasy Flight Games just announced the Clone Wars expansion for their Star Wars: Legion game, and we saw a few pics of some of the new figures that will be included in the game Now, we have an even better idea of what those figures are going to look like with[...]
NEW Clone Wars Era Game Announced for 'Star Wars: Legion'
  Check out the latest Star Wars: Legion news from Adepticon! //Credit: Fantasy Flight Games War has engulfed the galaxy The vast forces of the Separatist Alliance, bolstered by seemingly endless ranks of battle droids, have pushed the Galactic Republic to the brink of dissolution and defeat The Republic's only hope is its army of elite clone troopers,[...]
Tauntaun Riders for Star Wars: Legion Smell Better on the Outside
My editor has been alerted, and I accept my fate gladly. Another cool new release from Fantasy Flight Games for Star Wars: Legion! Rebel players can look forward to the Tauntaun Riders Unit Expansion, bringing some nimble speed and scouting prowess to the battlefield! //Credit: Fantasy Flight Games Forced to the fringes of the galaxy by the relentless[...]
Rebel Veterans Hit the Trenches for Star Wars: Legion
Brand new reinforcements are about to strike back at Imperial forces in Star Wars: Legion! The latest round of troops for Fantasy Flight's Star Wars miniature combat game brings some familiar uniforms to rebel armies: //Credit: Fantasy Flight Games Armed with little more than their blaster rifles and grim determination, Rebel Veterans are often assigned the hardest and[...]