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Bleeding Cool Played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Got Beat Up [SDCC]

On Sunday afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con, I played three minutes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at a demo on the exhibit floor. The Nintendo Switch booth featured rows of consoles and screens with controllers. When I went, I waited in line for about a half-hour, and then attendants escorted me to the gaming area […]

mayans mc poster

Mayans M.C. Takes Motorcycle Mayhem to the California/Mexico Border [SDCC]

Sunday afternoon in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, Kurt Sutter, creator of the popular crime drama Sons of Anarchy, debuted footage from his upcoming SoA spinoff Mayans M.C. Sutter set the gritty biker drama of Sons in the fictional city of Charming, California, but with Mayans, he's shifted the motorcycle mayhem to the California-Mexico border. […]

Breaking Borders With Genese Davis And 'Holder's Dominion'

Novelist Genese Davis is a gamer who's clocked-in many hours playing MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft. She leveraged her knowledge of online games to write The Holder's Dominion, a 2013 sci-fi thriller starring Kaylie Ames, a female gamer battling a hacker who's wreaking havoc on players' lives in the fictional gaming […]

SDCC '15: How To Judge DC's Hall H Movie Footage

This past Saturday, Warner Bros. screened the first Suicide Squad teaser in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, and in my opinion, it was jaw-droppingly awesome, even more so than the also-awesome Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer that came minutes later. The crowd reaction seemed enthusiastically positive, and the footage has now been […]

SDCC '15: The Nerdist Presents Comic Con the Musical

On Sunday, the Nerdist podcast released a special video in honor of San Diego Comic-Con. In the short comedic piece Comic-Con the Musical, director Andrew Bowser lovingly parodies the convention experience. The three-minute video follows actress Whitney Avalon (Princess Rap Battle) as she plays a woman who attends the convention and sings to viewers about her experience […]

SDCC '15: Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight

In a pre-recorded video broadcast, Sam Jackson and director Quentin Tarantino reveal that Hateful Eight was filmed on 65 mm film and then projected in 70 mm on Ultra Panavision. They'll screen the film on Christmas 2015 in road show venues. In the past, a road show was a limited theatrical release with reserved seating […]

SDCC '15: The Game of Thrones Panel Is HERE

Moderator Seth Meyers asked the whole panel if the level of secrecy they're put under is intense now that the show's caught up with the books. Maisie Williams (Arya) said yes, it is. Producer Carolyn Strauss said that George R. R. Martin still talks with the show's writers just as often as he did in […]

SDCC '15: Fear the Walking Dead Debuts at Hall H – Yay!

All right, Bleeding Coolers. The world's going to find out for the first time what Fear the Walking Dead's about and how it will relate to the main show. Let's get ready! The premiere date is Sunday, August 23, at 9 pm, and it takes place in Los Angeles, California. Producer Dave Erickson says that Robert […]

SDCC '15: Neal McDonough Joins Arrow Season 4 as Villain Damien Dahrk

Warner Bros. announced today that veteran actor Neal McDonough will join Arrow's fourth season as the villainous Damien Dahrk, a series regular. McDonough, who's had roles in Captain America: The First Avenger, Justified, and Band of Brothers, will play the character, who was first mentioned at the end of season three. According to a company press release: Dahrk is […]

SDCC '15: 2 Things To Expect In Hall H's Saturday Movie Panels

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us! Today's the first official day of the four-day presentation that takes control of San Diego, to the delight of millions of genre fans around the world. Most of us either want to be here to experience all the cosplay, celebrity sightings, and nerd news in person at the San […]