SDCC '15: The Nerdist Presents Comic Con the Musical

On Sunday, the Nerdist podcast released a special video in honor of San Diego Comic-Con. In the short comedic piece Comic-Con the Musical, director Andrew Bowser lovingly parodies the convention experience. The three-minute video follows actress Whitney Avalon (Princess Rap Battle) as she plays a woman who attends the convention and sings to viewers about her experience to the tune of "Little Town," the opening song Belle sings in Disney's classic animated film Beauty and the Beast.

Bowser's depiction of the convention is spot-on and humorous. Avalon's character gets up in her motel and rides to the convention in a shuttle, passes by religious protestors with signs condemning nerds for worshipping false genre idols, walks through the lobby as cosplayers pass by, gets swag on the exhibit floor that she lugs around in a big bag, expresses excitement over movie panels with exclusive footage, waits in long lines, and gawks when she sees celebrities. Footage shows Nerdist host Jessica Chabot interviewing Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) for a podcast.

The Nerdist released the video on the last day of the convention as a wrap-up to this year's con, but the action portrayed accurately portrays what Comic-Con is like each year when it runs Wednesday through Sunday in downtown San Diego.