Black Widow Gets Her Own Line of Funko Pops [Review]

The solo Black Widow movie is still months away but Funko can't hold onto their excitement for it. The newest wave of Marvel Cinematic Universe Pops is finally hit stores. Being a completionist for the MCU wave, I just had to get them no matter what. There are 8 figures in total getting released with 2 of them being Walmart exclusives. I was able to find 3 of the 6 commons at my local GameStop and it was a nice start. In this review, we will be looking at Black Widow, Natasha, and Taskmaster. So let's suit up and dive into our newest Funko Pop review. 

Black Widow Gets Her Own Line of Funko Pops [Review]
Credit: Marvel Studios
First up on the chopping block is Natasha Romanoff. This is the first time we are actually getting a named Black Widow figure with Funko. Most of them just have her superhero name so it's nice to see the human side of her. The packaging is just the same as most other Funko Pops but with the movie logo at the top. One cool thing about the packaging is that it has the Black Widow symbol as an insert on the inside of the box.

Natasha is a simple figure and I really enjoy that with my Funko Pop figures. The intense dynamic figures are amazing at times but I love to get simplistic with my characters. She is shown with a black jacket and pants and a different hairstyle. She is holding some sort of viles in here hand so that is most likely movie related. Nothing really stands with this figure but for it being the first Natasha Pop I'm quite fond of it.

Next up we get Black Widow sporting a new superhero outfit. This one really stands out too as it is white and the opposite of the usual black/red or black/blue. Nothing is special about her box besides the updated movie logo on the top and the inserted symbol as a backdrop.

This outfit something we all got to see in the trailer for the film so no spoilers here. She is holding two weapons and posed in a simple battle style stance. The white outfit with her red hair really works well together. Her hair is pretty simple and shows a nice braid on the side too. This is a nice Pop to have in this wave as it gives us something new for Black Widow fans and hypes us for her movie.

Our last Pop from Black Widow that we will be looking at is the newest MCU villain, Taskmaster. I know a lot of people are hating on the design of this figure but I really like it. His packing is the same as the rest so box collectors can relax. 

His figure is pretty awesome and stands out from a lot of villains we have seen. Taskmaster has a shield and sword in hand and is sporting the new MCU look. This is nothing like the comic book version but it's something new and modernized and I love it. The skull head is updated to a more skull mask like the Winter Soldier and the outfit is more motorcycle suit inspired. The touches of orange, blue, and silver defiantly pay off here. His (or her) suit is something new and unique and it gives me that modern mysterious assassin look and I want more! Marvel hasn't failed us yet with any of the stuff they have done so far so I have faith in their costume design.

These are all great figures for the first wave of the Black Widow Funko Pops. We will obviously get another wave or so once the movie drops and spoiler releases come out. You can secure your own here and be on the lookout for our next Funko Review at Bleeding Cool. Black Widow premieres May 1, 2020.


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