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Taskmaster #5 Review: Shining A Light Into Gray Spaces
and Taskmaster have traveled the globe, working together to get the key to something called The Rubicon Trigger, a deadly ring around the world enacted by Norman Osborn back when he was foolishly given federal law enforcement powers As they near the end of their quest, Taskmaster has questions, and that leads Taskmaster #5 to[...]
Taskmaster Variant Raises Money For Atlanta Shooting Victims Families
Previously, Bleeding Cool reported that two comic book retailers familiar to Bleeding Cool readers are Ssalefish Comics of North Carolina and Wonderworld Comics of Michigan had created a joint retailer exclusive variant cover of the second printing of Taskmaster #3 from Marvel Comics This is the issue that featured the first appearance of South Korea's equivalent of Captain[...]
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The last leg of a globe-spanning mission comes to an entertaining penultimate chapter in Taskmaster #4 as the garishly clad mercenary drops from a high altitude into Wakanda, the world's most difficult nut to crack Were he there to steal vibranium, or state secrets, he would be in an enormous amount of danger and highly[...]
Taskmaster #3 Taegukgi Variant References Captain Marvel #17 2nd Print
Two comic book retailers familiar to Bleeding Cool readers are Ssalefish Comics of North Carolina and Wonderworld Comics of Michigan have created a joint retailer exclusive variant cover of the second printing of Taskmaster #3 from Marvel Comics, the issue that featured the first appearance of South Korea's equivalent of Captain America, Taegukgi Which has[...]
Taskmaster #3 At $15 Over "South Korean Captain America" Taegukgi
Taskmaster was a series originally intended to be published alongside the release of the Black Widow movie It was delayed along with other Black Widow tie-ins as the pandemic and shutdown hit, but was then scheduled by Marvel Comics anyway because, well, why not And you know what? It is rather fun. Taskmaster #3 artwork by[...]
Taskmaster #3 Review: On A Mission
Taskmaster #3 shows how the title character not only manages but thrives in a world of everyday people making undercover deals, dropping him into South Korea and shining a spotlight on a rarely seen but super interesting area of the Marvel universe. Taskmaster #3 Cover Credit: Marvel Taskmaster is on a mission: to exonerate himself for a[...]
Iron Fist Heart Of The Dragon #1 Review: Does A Lot Of Things Right
This is a mild wrinkle as the likes of Taskmaster and Lady Bullseye doesn't show up without deep pockets, and their specific assignments are pretty intense That thematic deficit is perhaps the only real criticism of this otherwise fantastic issue, and that will likely bear out in future issues RATING: HONORABLE MENTION. Iron Fist: Heart Of[...]
Taskmaster #2 Review: An Amazing Performance
For reasons that are interesting but ultimately irrelevant right now, in Taskmaster #2, the masked mercenary with photographic reflexes has a mission to clear his name Someone assassinated spymaster Maria Hill and made it look like Taskmaster pulled the trigger To find out why he fell into focus, he has to mimic the body language[...]
Grimm Tales of Terror Quarterly: 2020 Halloween Special Review
Taskmaster #1 sees writer Jed McKay, currently best known for his run on Black Cat, give this Marvel villain his own title with art by Alessandro Vitti, colors by Guru-eFX, and letters by VC's Joe Caramagna Let's see if this tale of villainy is worth the read. Taskmaster #1 cover Credit: Marvel Taskmaster #1 took me by surprise[...]
Taskmaster #1 Review: A Missed Opportunity
The Taskmaster, sometimes called "Tony Masters" is as much an enigma as he is a missed opportunity With his photographic reflexes and encyclopedic catalog of skills to call on, he should be one of the most lethal, dangerous people in the world Somehow, he's remained a punchline and here, manages to be the second or[...]
Black Widow A Better Killer Than Winter Soldier & Elektra – Official
Black Widow statistics time! So, as Bleeding Cool reported, Taskmaster #1 was released on Marvel Unlimited today, whether intentionally or by accident No big spoilers here Though as the solicitation says, Maria Hill of SHIELD has been murdered, apparently, and Taskmaster is in the frame Picked up by Nick Fury Jr, he gives Taskmaster a[...]
Taskmaster #1 Drops Early On Marvel Unlimited - But Be Quick
As of this morning, Marvel Comics has posted Taskmaster #1 on its all-you-can-eat digital comics streaming service Marvel Unlimited, ahead of its planned publication date, November 11th What's going on? Taskmaster #1 on Marvel Unlimited – screencap. Well, it's a twist in the continuing saga of "what is Marvel Unlimited going to do in the absence of[...]
Taskmaster #1 Returns in October?
One of those was the new Taskmaster series, meant to launch alongside the new Black Widow movie That movie is currently delayed until November 6th, and now it seems Taskmaster is being lined up for that month too, a month after the new Black Widow comic book returns No news on other Black Widow books[...]
Taskmaster Gets Tactical with New Sideshow Marvel Statue
Taskmaster is returning to his roots once again with his classic outfit as Sideshow Collectibles introduces a new statue The upcoming Black Widow film has seemly flooded the market with the updated Taskmaster modernized costume While that one is badass in its own way it does not pay any tribute to the Taskmaster legacy Sideshow[...]
Taskmaster Returns to His Comic Book Roots with Diamond Select Toys
This time the mercenary, Taskmaster is on the hunt once again Unlike recent Taskmaster collectibles, this one features his classic comic book costume This Marvel Select figure will stand at 7.5 inches tall and will have 16 points of articulation The figure will come with both classic and modern head sculpts and multiple weapons Taskmaster[...]