Funko Gets Refreshing With the Dr. Pepper Lil Sweet Pop [Review]

Dr. Pepper recently has a reward for people who bought up 3 bottles of their iconic soda. If you did that you were able to attempt and lock down an exclusive Funko. This Funko Pop is based on their hilarious Diet Dr. Pepper commercial icon, Lil Sweet. I was surprised to see it show up so fast and with it, in hand, it's time to check him out up close.

Right off the bat, his box is colored like a Diet Dr. Pepper with that silver accent. The logo is shown at the top and it even has a can shared exclusive sticker on the Funko Pop window. I really like this sticker on this guy and with such a unique gift it fires perfectly. Nothing is shown of the back except for Lil Sweet's catchphrase, "It's the sweet one."

Moving away from the box, it's time to look at Lil Sweet himself. The figure is nicely sculpted and beautifully colored. He even has hints of glitter on his scarf, which gives him a little extra pizzazz. The Funko is holding a Diet Dr. Pepper in his hand which is cheesy but awesome at the same time. His clothes are nicely shown and his red flowing hair really stands out. This is a great collaboration between two great companies. The Funko Ad Icon line is pretty great and with the extension to more food icons, it's exciting to see what will be next. This Funko could already be sold out but check out Dr. Pepper for updates on if more will come out. I wonder what company will take the next step at the Funko game and bring their mascot alive. What would you guys and girls like to see be the next Ad Icon??

It's the sweet one.

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