Funko MCU – Guardians of the Galaxy – Groot Edition

One of the biggest stars to come out of Guardians of the Galaxy was the lovable tree, Groot. This character only said three words, "I am Groot" and we loved every minute of it. As we dive deeper into the Funko Marvel Cinematic Universe with Guardians of the Galaxy, we had to single out all of the Groot Funko Pops. There was a total of nine Groots in the Guardians of the Galaxy collection with four adults and five baby Groot's. The Dancing Groot Funko Pops did not come out until after the movie premiered since it's a spoiler. However, after the film aired, the audience wanted nothing but this adorable guy, and Funko delivered. Collectors are still getting Groot collectibles, and the newest one is an 18 inch Pop that is set to release this October. Let's not wait any longer and jump right into the Guardians of the Galaxy MCU Groot Edition.

Funko MCU - Guardians of the Galaxy - Groot Edition

Starting us off first is the main common Groot in the series. The design as simple but elegant with wood stylings that compliment the figure greatly. The next Pop is not listed as an exclusive, but it was tough to come by, Mossy Groot. There's a slight difference between the original and this one as it has more grass on his design. There's a different decal on the box, but it does share the same numbering as the original. Besides the soon to bee 18" Groot, the Mossy version is the rarest of the set pricing at $33. Loot Crate is up next with an exclusive that features a new glow-in-the-dark. He does share some of the same grass features as the Mossy version but has a translucent hand that will glow. The last adult Groot was a Dallas Comic Con exclusive with a new mold head for from the tree giving us Angry Groot. Unlike the other Funko Pops, this version has a different number and even has an exclusive sticker on the packaging window. Each one of these adult Groots is very well done, and while they are simply the same, they are all unique, and that is what counts. Fans of Guardians of the Galaxy need these to finish the series, and it was a blast hunting all of these down.

Funko MCU - Guardians of the Galaxy - Groot Edition

We now move on to the Baby Groot section, which in this line it is called Dancing Groot. This is just referring to the end credits of Guardians of the Galaxy, where we see Groot dancing and hiding from Drax. Like older Funko Pops, these all share the same numbers even though they are all new versions of the same figure. We first look at the common as it features an adorable baby Groot in a white potted plant. Each of these design nearly has the same Groot but change the pot he is in. We next have the Entertainment Earth Exclusive that features the Ravagers symbol on his red pot. There's a slightly darker tone on this figure that works well with the new red base. Hot Topic also got an exclusive Dancing Groot which shows a blue pot with the words "I am Groot" on it. The last two of the Dancing Groots are holiday additions and some of my favorite of the series. These seem like they are not part of the series, but they do show the Marvel Cinematic Universe Guardians of the Galaxy at the top. For more convincing, even the series 1 Pops are shown on the back. The packaging is different than the rest with a red and green holiday theme and a bow design on the top like a present. Groot is now shown in green and red potted plant design as if he was going to be a present. The Christmas theme keeps on with the next one that is set as a Hot Topic exclusive. This version features a metallic finish on the pot, but it also has frosted detail on the head, hands, and on the base. Both of these were fun to come across on my search to complete the Funko MCU. The Pocket Pop version of Dancing Groot is also a nice addition as it is more to scale with some of the other Pops.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Funko Pop collection is the biggest collection in the series at this moment in the timeline of the MCU. With over 28 Pops, any Guardians fan will want to add all of these to their Funko Marvel collection. Most of these Pops have been vaulted, so it will be very hard to come across unless you can find them from third-party sellers. However, if you're a fan of Marvel, then fans can also always start a new collection here. If you are a completionist, then you will want to try to get your hands on the upcoming 18-inch Dancing Groot, and he can be found here. Funko knows how to gives the fans the character they want the most, and I'm sure more Groots will come.

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