Godzilla Celebrates His 65th Anniversary With Kidrobot

Godzilla turns 65 this year, and Kidrobot is helping with the celebration with a new line of collectibles. Plush, clothes, vinyl figures, and more are all available, at various collector levels. MechaGodzilla is a major player in the line, with multiple figures and plush. I dare you to resist the Godzilla ugly Chirstmas sweater as well. Take a look at the full collection below, and order something for yourself right here.

Godzilla Celebrates His 65th Anniversary With Kidrobot

After making a historic debut showing at San Diego Comic Con this year, Toho Studios has partnered with Kidrobot to introduce an atomic-sized Godzilla capsule that celebrates the big guy's 65th year on our vulnerable, infinitely stompable planet. But it looks like some unwanted guests have arrived at the party, including a new twist on a 45-year old foe–MechaGOLDzilla! Whether you're into apparel or art figures, Kidrobot has got you covered.

The standouts to me are the sweater and the MechaGOLDzilla figure. That figure is exclusive to the Kidrobot online store, and will more than likely sell out. The hat is cool too, but straight bill hats are not my thing, even though it seems that everyone else loves them these days. No, the must-buy item is that sweater. MecaGodzilla is destroying a city, and the ugly sweater includes metallic thread as well. This is also a Kidrobot online store exclusive, and limited to only 300 pieces.

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