GI Joe Classified Alley Viper & BAT Are About To Invade Collections

GI Joe Classified heads into 2022 with a lot of momentum and some cool new additions to your Cobra ranks. Two of the most anticipated releases in the line so far, the Cobra BAT and Alley Viper, will be hitting stores over the next few weeks. Both are army builders, and I cannot wait to see people with whole armies of these figures. Especially the BAT. Hasbro and the GI Joe team were kind enough to send over one of each for us to take a look at, so let's do so.

GI Joe Classified Continues To Impress

As always, we start with the packaging, and this line continues to impress. I do wonder if this will continue, though, as Hasbro moves away from using so much plastic. I would be all for that, though, as they continue to commission fantastic artwork for the side panels. I love that Alley Viper art. I do still wish we had a file card, though.

We will start with the Alley Viper, and boy does he come loaded to the gills. Sadly, I think this is the first GI Joe Classified figure I have gotten that cannot fit every accessory in their person. So matter, though, as this guy has enough storage and pouches to make Rob Liefeld jealous. I have always loved the coloring on this guy, as the orange really jumps out and commands attention. I never understood the camo, though, not like there are many places an orange soldier can blend into. I love the visor attachment; I love the little places you can hide the knives. One of my favorite parts of these figures is looking it over to figure out where to place everything. Nothing about the figure is hampered by all the gear either; he has a great range of motion and is easy to pose. The shield is a bit weird, but it looks pretty badass once you fasten it on him—a very worthy addition.

The BAT is just as cool, and I cannot wait to have a whole army of these for the GI Joe team to battle on my shelf. The details on this are even better than the Viper up there, from the exposed chest piece to the battle-damaged head and chestplate. Where these bots shine, however are with the attachments. Besides the hands, they come with three other attachments to switch out, and on the backpack, there are pegs to store the attachments you are not using. Perfection. I love the hook hand, regular pistol hands combo personally, but with a whole army of these, the possibilities are fun to think about diorama-wise. I have zero bad things to say about this figure.

GI Joe Classified Alley Viper & BAT Are About To Invade Collections

Both of these are must-buys, and really you need as many as you can get, especially for the BAT. These are two of the best figures in the line so far, and that is saying something for this GI Joe line. You can preorder yourself some here.

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