Hasbro Resurrects Robbie Reyes to Try and Save Ghost Rider HasLab

It was only last Friday when the Ghost Rider HasLab did not make its Early Bird Special backing. The original goal of the Marvel Legends team was to hit 9,000 backers in one week. This would unlock a special Robbie Reyes Legends figure in his human form. This goal was not hit, so the figure will not be made; however, Hasbro is not giving up just yet and has now added Robbie as the main backing accessory. Ghost Rider will not receive an extra head as well as an attachable hood to feature him in human form. This is a nice way for fans to still get a fun 2-for-1 figure, but it will still cost the $350 asking price. The whole main unlock will now feature the car, swappable fire effects, Ghost Rider Legends, figure accessories, and new Robbie Reyes swappable parts. 

The Ghost Rider Marvel Legends Engine of Vengeance HasLab crowd-funding campaign has dropped over 500 in the past week. Things are looking pretty slim for the at 12,000 backings Mephisto Legends figure to get unlocked. Many fans, including myself, feel like this is too much of an asking for a single figure and a car. This HasLab is excellent, it's a sweet ride, and I love the All-New Ghost Rider, but we are not getting a lot of bang for our buck. If all the Tier unlocks were featured, then we could see a rise in backers, but at this rate, the Engine of Vengeance could be joining Cookie Monster and the Rancor. Check out the campaign for yourself right here. 

"Robbie is back with a vengeance! The Ghost Rider 6-Inch figure will come with a human-form alternate head & sweatshirt hood accessory to covert into Robbie Reyes. The HasLab campaign needs 9,000 backers and will run until 10/31/22. See http://HasbroPulse.com for more details!"

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