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Hasbro Gaming Greats – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Edition

Hasbro and GameStop have been bringing collectors some fantastic Star Wars The Black Series exclusive figures. This series is called the Gaming Greats, and we have already seen Jedi Knight Revan from Knights of the Old Republic and the Heavy Battle Droid from Battlefront II. The newest releases, however, have been quite the rage with Star Wars fans as the Stormtrooper Commander and the Shadow Trooper from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed arrive. This leads to the idea that more Force Unleashed characters could be on the way, and we have composed of our own list of figures we would love to see. There are a lot of characters in this series, but there are definitely some important ones that need their time to shine. First up is Rahm Kota, who is in one of the first significant missions you get in the game. This Jedi puts up quite the fight ad ends of playing a bring role in Starkiller's story. This is a must-have character for the Hasbro Gaming Greats line and would be an easy money maker. We have seen one 3.75" figure of him before, but it is time for the Black Series treatment. Next up would be the Jedi Padawan Maris Brood. This character survived the Order 66 purge, and after the death of Jedi Master Shaak Ti, she is corrupted and joins the dark side. Hasbro could go either light or dark side with this figure or even have the light version as a common and the Sith side be the GameStop exclusive.

The Force Unleashed fandom is pretty large, and figures like these designs would be an easy sell-out. The last two figures are two of the biggest ones from the series with Galen Marek (Starkiller) and his love interest Juno Eclipse. These are obvious choices for the Star Wars: The Black Series line as we have only seen 3.75" debuts of them. The Back Series would give fans a closer, more in-depth look at their favorite character from such a fantastic game. Juno Eclipse could come in her Imperial uniform with a removable hat and gun. Simple detail upgrades from the smaller figures would see a nice remastered 6" figure that fans would love. Of course, we can't have The Force Unleashed without Starkiller, and that is what Hasbro needs to announce next. The Gaming Great line is a perfect way to reach fan's gaming fans of hit Star Wars video games. Force Unleashed is one of the best games out there, and with all of his costumes for Starkiller, both going light and dark, it is a natural choice. Jedi Starkiller or Sith Lord Starkiller would be beautiful figures that could simply just have a lightsaber accessory. Like the rest, there are 3.75" figures of them in the past, but the extra size for The Black Series will give us way better look at his costumes and design.

All of these figures and many more are simply the ideas that Hasbro should add. With the increase of the Force Unleashed presence, I would not be surprised to see them take this route. These characters are all iconic and would quickly sell out from such a large fan base of the series. Only time will tell what Hasbro has up their sleeve, but you heard it here first for some perfect additions to the Black Series Gaming Greats line. Don't forget to lock down your pre-orders for the already revealed Stormtrooper Commander and Shadow Trooper figures here.

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