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Iron Studios Debuts Original Post-Apocalyptic Statue Series: Residiuum

Iron Studios is back with another impressive assortment of 1/10 scale Art Scale statues including their own Original Statue line 

Nowadays, it is all about originality and bringing something unique to the table that no one else does. This is why new Kickstarter lines are really starting to pop off, and Iron Studios is now getting their own series. A new series of 1/10 Art Scales statues are on the way featuring Iron Studios own unique story and talents. This new line takes collectors to a new post apocalyptic world Residiuum. One of these characters in this new world is Coral, a bounty hunter that has her own style and gear. She embraces the world she lives in, making her a special protagonist for this new story that unfolds in statue form.

Iron Studios is giving life to Coral with an impressive 8.9" tall statue that captures the unique elects of Residiuum. Robots and deadly gas now are in this new world and this statue is just the tip of the iceberg. An impressive amount of care, detail, and talent was put into this piece, and you can build your own unique story in this new Residiuum world. Iron Studios is still exploring this world, but fans can snag up Coral statue here for $149.99, with a Q4 2023 release. Check her out below, along with a synopsis of what Residiuum is.

Embrace the New World of Residiumm with Iron Studios 

"Residiuum takes place in a post-apocalyptic universe, where hundreds of years ago, the sun "went crazy", Earth's atmosphere got covered in a noxious gas known as SIG, and a big part of the planet was decimated. In this world, the remaining poles of society discovered the potential of the gas for fuel and learned how to manipulate it to, once again, develop technologically, using SIG for things like fuel, and even as a seasoning for food."

"One of the main poles of the "Rest", the way the world is called now, is the Crater, a city inside of a giant hole, firmly ruled by SM Robots, a robotics company. A young woman called Coral works in the Crater, considered the best bounty hunter, she has her own variation of the SIG gas, a version that makes anyone that breathes it experience terrifying hallucinations. Thus, Coral uses these variations in her missions together with her Boogie Bears."

"Weird and cute plushies created by her and treated with lots of love, that become big frightening monsters and horrible nightmares. When her enemies are under the effects of the gas, giving Coral a great advantage in any battle. Irreverent, audacious, and sometimes reckless, Coral prefers to solve things by herself, in her own way. She is one of the main characters of Residiuum, a new franchise developed by Iron Studios that is only beginning."

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