Iron Studios Lord of the Rings Minico Statue Frodo Baggins with backgroud, photo from Iron Studios Golem

Lord of the Rings Gandalf, Frodo, And Golem Get Iron Studios Minicos

Iron Studios has announced more statues for its growing Minico statue series. This time we are going on a fellowship as Lord of the Rings returns with three new statues. Three iconic LOTR legends are back as Frodo Baggins, Gandalf the Grey, and Golem are ready for collectors. These sculpts bring Frodo, Gandalf, and Golem […]

XM Studios Modern Thor Statue

Thor Puts His Hammer Down in His New Modern XM Studios Statue

XM Studios continues to roll out the red carpet for its ongoing Marvel Comics statue line. We have already seen Red Hulk and Thanos get some amazingly crafted pieces this year and there is even more up their sleeve. This time the God of Thunder himself, Thor, has arrived with a 499 limited edition statue. […]


The X-Men Archangel Soars with New Iron Studios Statue

The X-Men ranks continue to rise as Iron Studios build up another X-Men versus Sentinel statue. These massive battle diorama statues are huge collectibles that any Marvel Comics mutant fan must have. These are very high end collectibles with the full Sentinel piece coming in at $1,600+. Each X-Men statue is able to be removed […]


Batman Returns to Hush with New Prime 1 Studio Statue

Batman Hush has been getting a lot of collectibles recently. I do understand how amazing this DC Comics storyline was, but this special? I think I have seen a new Batman Hush collectible drop almost week this month. However, this statue is a true collectible that is worthy of this story line. Prime 1 Studio […]


Crimes of Grindelwald Arrives at Eaglemoss with New Statues

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald finally showed fan a younger Albus Dumbledore as well as new baddies in the world of Harry Potter. Eaglemoss has already shown us a couple of these statues from Fantastic Beast and it looks like more are on the way. This time we are still staying in The Crimes […]


"Fantastic Beasts" Get a New Set of Magical Statues from Eaglemoss

Fantastic Beasts has been a wild ride since its debut and the closing of the Harry Potter story. It showed us an older world of the wizarding community and a huge new line up of characters. With the most recent film Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald bringing even more characters to life, Eaglemoss is […]


Storm Casts Her Lightning with New Iron Studios Statue

The X-Men are making one final stand against an army of Sentinels who have attacked the X-Mansion. Iron Studios has released a bunch of X-Men statues over the past couple of months and now Storm is making her stand. Each of these statues is all able to connect to the larger Sentinel hub. The main […]


The Creep Returns with New "Creepshow" Statue from Incendium

People were kind of on the fence with the remake of the classic horror series Creepshow on Shudder. Since its launch, I have heard nothing but good things to come out of it, which is fantastic. Of course, that would happen when you have the amazing horror mind of Greg Nicotero working on it. To […]


Back to the Future is Back With Statues from Factory Entertainment

If you're going to travel to the future or hell even the past you mind as well do it in style. Doctor Brown knows exactly what I mean as Back to the Future's iconic ride the Delorean returns once again. Factory Entertainment is bringing not one but two statues to the present that fans can […]


Harry Potter Magical Beast Come to Life with Eaglemoss 

Some of the best aspects of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the mythical realm outside of the school's walls. Over the course of the 8 films, we already treated to a huge cast of mythical beasts like the Troll, Cerberus, Unicorn, and so much more. Eaglemoss is bringing some of those mythical animals […]


"Evangelion" Returns with New Asuka Kotobukiya Statue

Coming out of the Evangelion series, Asuka Langley is back and ready for your shelves. This time she is taking on her appearance in Evangelion:3.0 You Can (Not) Redo from the last scene we see. This beautifully crafted statue showcases with iconic Evangelion character with perfection from her displeased emotional face to the red and […]


Iceman Is on His Own With New Iron Studios X-Men Statue

Iceman is back and he is ready to help save the X-Men from yet another Sentinel attack. Iron Studios is continuing with its massive X-Men statue series as they look into their third Sentinel statue. If you are not aware, each massive statue has various members of the X-Men on it that all have the […]


Detective Comics #1000 Batman Gets a Special Statue from Eaglemoss

We are finally getting to the close of the massive set of Batman statues that are spanning across the decades from Eaglemoss. Each one so far has brought back memories of comics I have read and all depict the Dark night perfectly. We have already covered the previous years and you can find Batman suits […]


90's Batman and More are Back with Eaglemoss Statues

The Batman decades statues continue to release from Eaglemoss as we start in the 70s and end in the 90s. We have already seen statues from 1940, 1950, and 1960 and you can find them located here. In 1970, we continue to stay in the world of the blue, grey, and yellow trimmed design of […]


Thanos and Lady Death Are Cosmic Lovers with XM Studios

XM Studios is giving Marvel fans a real treat here with their Thanos and Lady Death statue. This statue is highly detailed and features Thanos and his cosmic lover Lady Death is a wide variety of poses. This statue is super customizable with three alternative portraits for Thanos with a standard evil grin, a screaming […]


"Evil Dead" Ash Williams is Back with Prime 1 Studio

Evil Dead brought to life a new style of movie with a combination of comedy and horror. We really don't get all of the comedy till Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn and the introduction to the chainsaw hand. Of course, you can't have this franchise without its lead, Ash Williams, portrayed by Bruce Campbell. Prime 1 Studio has […]


Batman Zero Year Statue Goes Exclusive With Sideshow

Batman is back but this time it's a fresh start as he is in his zero year. This is the time were Batman really becomes the Dark Knight and we get to see him at the beginning. Prime 1 Studio has created an absolutely incredible Zero Year statue that features Bruce on a motorcycle with […]


Pokemon Pikachu and Onix Battle with Kotobukiya

It is time for another Pokemon battle as Kotobukiya brings some of your favorite Pocket Monsters to life with a new statue. This time Pikachu and Onix are going toe to toe in an amazingly detailed statue. Both Pokemon are able to be serrated from the base and used with other Pokemon statues from Kotobukiya. […]

Harley Quinn, Two Face and More Come to Life With Diamond Gallery

Harley Quinn, Two Face and More Come to Life With Diamond Gallery

Harley Quinn and Batman's Rogues Gallery is back as Diamond Select Toys is bringing more heroes and villains to life. This time we are getting four new DC Comics statues that are perfect for any fans collection. Up first is, of course, the man himself, Batman who is in his light blue, grey, and yellow […]

New Marvel Statue like Venom, Deadpool, and More Coming Soon

New Marvel Statue like Venom, Deadpool, and More Coming Soon

Marvel statues are the best way for comic book collectors to expand their collection outside of comic. I love to get a new MArvel statue that goes with some of my favorite comics books as it really enhanced the display I have it in. So when Diamond Select announced more Marvel statues, it is always […]