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Captain Carter Comes to Iron Studios with New Marvel What If…? Statue
Coming out of the hit new Marvel Studios animated series, What If…?, Captain Carter is back with a brand new Iron Studios statue The statue captures one of the scenes from her solo episode as she stands to watch on top of the Brandenburg Gate, standing 9.4" tall The British heroine awaits for HYDRA to[...]
Elvis Presley Returns to Hawaii with New Iron Studios Statue
The King of Rock is back and ready to shake up Hawaii as Iron Studios reveals their brand new Elvis Presley 1973 statue This marks the third Elvis statue that Iron Studios has released as they capture this musician throughout his career Aloha from Hawaii was a highlight for his career and was the first[...]
The X-Men take on Elise-Dee and Albert with Iron Studios Newest Statue
Elsie-Dee and Albert are back and ready to create some chaos for the X-Men with Iron Studios' newest statue As part of their massive X-Men vs Sentinel Battle Diorama statue series, this deadly duo joins the battle with a truly exceptional sculpt Created by Donald Pierce, these highly intelligent robots have unique characteristics like Elsie-Dee's[...]
US Agent is Ready for Action with Iron Studios Newest MCU Statue
Iron Studios brings US Agent back as they debut their newest MCU statue that stands 8.6" tall and is hand-painted In The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, you never get a full up-close look at Walker's costume but that all changes with this collectible Based on original references, Marvel fans get to bring home US[...]
Iron Studios Returns to 1936 with the Debut of Their The Phantom Statue
One of Earth's original superheroes returns as Iron Studios debuts their brand new The Phantom statue Coming out of the 1936 newspaper comic strip, this hero has had a fascinating history, and Iron Studios captures him perfectly Standing roughly 9.8" tall, The Phantom is posed on a jungle base with Devil, his Wolf companion He[...]
Laura Kinney X-23 Prepares for War with Iron Studios New X-Men Statue
Over a year ago, Iron Studios revealed their massive X-Men vs Sentinel Battle Diorama statue series This collection featured three different Sentinels controlled by Magneto that are attacking the X-Mansion Each Sentinel was released with a certain set of mutants that would accompany the statues, which could have been purchased in a bundle or as[...]
Flash Gorgon is Back with New Dynamic Statue from Iron Studio
We return to 1934 as Iron Studios brings back an iconic comic strip superhero with the return of Flash Gordon Standing 10" tall, this space opera hero is loaded with detail as he is displayed on a cosmic base Flash Gordon is depicted with his ray pistol and can be shown carrying or holding his[...]
Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock Comes Alive with Iron Studios
Iron Studios bring the King of Rock back with their second Elvis Presley statue capturing one of his iconic record covers Everybody in the whole cell block can now start dancin' to the newest collectible statue featuring a 3D recreation of Jailhouse Rock Standing 9" tall, Elvis purely comes to life with this limited edition,[...]
Knightmare Batman Embraces the Apocalypse with Iron Studios
This deadly future would make a great solo film as Batman his band of heroes and villains, try to survive in this Darkseid ruled future. Iron Studios has revealed their newest MiniCo statue with Knightmare Batman with a nicely crafted and hand-painted statue Batman is displayed in his brown trench coat, batsuit, goggles and is holding[...]
Universal Monsters The Wolf Man Comes to Iron Studios
Halloween might be over, but the tie for ghouls, ghosts, and monster never ends, and Iron Studios is here to showcase that The statue company has revealed their newest Universal Monsters 1/10 scale statue with the debut of The Wolf Man The full moon rises once again as we return back to the 1940s with[...]
Iron Studios Reveals 1/4th Scale WandaVision Vision Statue
Vision makes his presence known as Iron Studios reveals their newest WandaVision Legacy Replica statue This massive statue stands just under 29" tall and captures Vision after his mysterious resurrection in the small town of Westview Haunted by her past and destroyed by grief, the Scarlet Witch creates her very own reality with her very[...]
Iron Studios New Star Wars Statue Unleashes Luke Skywalker
They captured the power of Star Wars in this finale, and Iron Studios is bringing this moment home with their newest Art Scale 1:10 statue Luke Skywalker enters combat mode with this new statue as he makes his way through Dark Troopers on his way to Grogu Posed in an action stance, this Star Wars[...]
Scarlet Witch Breaks Reality with New WandaVision Iron Studios Statue
Iron Studios has just revealed a brand new Legacy Replica Scarlet Witch statue measured at a whopping 26" tall Unleashing the full power of her Chaos Magic, Scarlet Witch is an unstoppable force, and Iron Studios captures all of her beauty during her acceptance of who and what she is This statue is highly detailed,[...]
Warpath Joins the X-Men vs Sentinel Fight with Iron Studios
Iron Studios X-Men statue series is truly a work of art with an incredible line-up of hero and villain mutants Another hero is joining the ranks as the Native American mutant Warpath arrives and is ready for action James Proudstar is prepared to honor his brother Thunderbird by taking down a couple of Sentinels, and[...]
Captain America Sam Wilson Arrive with New Iron Studios 1:4 Statue
Iron Studios is bringing Marvel's newest hero into the spotlight with an incredible 1:4 scale statue Three versions of the statue will be offered, with collectors getting the ability to choose Cap with wings open, wings closed, or the complete version Standing 32.8" tall, Captain America's suit is faithfully recreated from the hit Disney+ series[...]