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The Joker Receives New Deluxe DC Comics Statue From Iron Studios
Iron Studios has not only released this Clown Prince of Crime but is celebrating his throughout DC Comics history with their newest 1/10 statue Standing 9" tall, Joker is placed on a unique diorama inspired by the Ace Chemical Factory that turned him into the man he is The base is loaded with unique easter[...]
Scarlet Witch Joins the X-Men in Iron Studios Newest Statue
However, Iron Studios keeps the mutant version of Scarlet Witch alive as they debut their next X-Men diorama statue The X-Men vs Sentinel $1,600 diorama statue series continues to grow with more solo pieces, with Scarlet Witch now join her brother against the Brotherhood of Evil Iron Studios captures her iconic red outfit as she[...]
X-Men Forge Joins The Sentinel Fight With Iron Studios Newest Release
Iron Studios continues to impress us with their extensive X-Men roster for their growing X-Men vs Sentinel Diorama This massive statue series shows off three Sentinels who are controlled by Magneto as he attacks the X-Mansion Nice, the debut of these statues Iron Studios has slowly been releasing "add-on' characters for this intense mutant battle[...]
Quicksilver Races On In With New Marvel Comics Iron Studios Statue
Iron Studios is back with another amazing 1/10 art scale X-Men statue as this speedster rushing in to save the day This statue should be another companion piece to the magnification $1,600 X-Men vs Sentinels diorama Standing 8.5 inches tall, Quicksilver is speeding on in as the ground ruptures around him He is shown in[...]
Zack Snyder’s Justice League Comes to Iron Studios With Superman
This suit is badass in all the right ways, and Iron Studios captures it beautifully with this design From the etched detail on the suit to Henry Cavill's likeness in the head sculpt, this is a must-have statue for fans. This suit is a simple live-action recreation of the iconic Recovery Suit from DC Comics Death of[...]
Doctor Strange Enters the Endgame With New Iron Studios MiniCo
That Doctor is in as Iron Studios unveils their newest Marvel MiniCo statue from Avengers: Endgame Standing 6.6 inches tall, the Sorcerer Supreme is ready for action with this cartoon-styled statue collectible Strange is shown casting the mystic arts while standing on top of a portal on the battlefield The detail is very artistic, but[...]
Clark Kent Becomes Superman In New DC Comics Iron Studios Statue
It is all about truth, justice, and the American way as Iron Studios unveils their newest DC Comics 1/10 art scale statue Clark Kent prepares to become Superman in this amazing 11.5" statue that features a heroically posed Clark The statue has a diorama base with sculpts pigeons flying away and will also include a[...]
Harry Potter Rides Buckbeak With New Iron Studios Statue
Iron Studios is taking a trip down memory lane as they revisit Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with their newest statue The Boy Who Lived and Buckbeak is back as we take to the skies with the newest 1/10 scale statue Standing 11.8" tall, Harry is captivated by the freedom of the hippogriff[...]
Harry Potter Returns to Year One With New Iron Studios Statue
The year 2021 marks the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter, and the Sorcerer's Stone and Iron Studios wants to honor the event The company has recently been released Wizarding World statues, and now we take a trip back to year 1 We have already seen 1/10 scale diorama statues of Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley,[...]
Hermione Granger Casts a Spell for 20 Years of Magic With Iron Studios
The 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone has finally arrived, and Iron Studios is celebrating The company continues to reveal new statues from the wizarding world to celebrate the 2001 film with the debut of Hermione Granger This Muggle-born is brilliant and even more powerful than most pure-blood witches and wizards out[...]
Ron Weasley Arrives for Harry Potter 20th Anniversary With Iron Studios
It is time to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone as Iron Studios debuts new collectibles Coming out of their 1/10 statue series is Ron Weasley, who is a pure-blood in the wizarding world With seven siblings, it is a little chaotic around the Weasley house, but his lives about[...]
Ron Weasley Plays Chess With New Harry Potter Iron Studios Statue
Things are about to get magical as Iron Studios announces their newest statue from Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone Ron Weasley attempts to get past the gigantic Board of Wizard's Chess as he mounts the black knight Iron Studios captures one of the final trials Harry must get through to find out the secrets[...]
Batman Returns The Penguin Gets His Own Iron Studios Statue
Batman Returns is back as Iron Studios brings fans back to a corrupt Gotham once again This time the Penguin returns in all of his devious glory as he stands next to his rubber duck boat His penguin minions are also included in this amazing 1/10th scale statue it is hand-painted to give fans some[...]
Jurassic Park Clever Girl Velociraptor Statue Arrives at Iron Studios
The hunter becomes the prey as Iron Studios unveils another amazing statue from the hit film Jurassic Park Coming out of a very intense scene, Robert Muldoon is tricked by the deadly Velociraptors after the fall of the park His last words are "Clever girl" as he meets his end by the ferocious beast and[...]
The Dark Knight Joker Return to Gotham With Iron Studios
Iron Studios has announced their newest 1/10 Art Scale statue will feature this intense version of the Joker The statue will stand roughly 11.8 inches tall, and he is depicted on top of a Gotham column surrounded by card-based fool gargoyles His on-screen performance come to life get before your eyes with great attention to[...]