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Embrace The Exorcist with Iron Studios Possessed Regan Statue 
Iron Studios has stepped into the world of horror as they debut a brand new 1/10 Art Scale statue Coming from The Exorcist, fans get to witness the exorcism of Regan McNeil once That statue comes in at 5.7" high and 8.7" wide, with the possessed hill on her bed Iron Studios captures the horror[...]
Black Adam’s Hawkman Spreads His Wings with Iron Studios 
Iron Studios is bringing more Black Adam action to life as they debut their new mighty 1/10 Art Scale Hawkman statue Coming in at 14" tall and 13" long, Hawkman is faithfully recreated from the film in his impressive Nth armor An incredible amount of detail was put into this statue with likeness, armor, and[...]
Obi-Wan Kenobi Saves Princess Leia with New Iron Studios Statue 
Fans can now relive the wonder of Obi-Wan Kenobi as Iron Studios debuts their newest Star Wars statue Coming in at 8" tall, we return to the planet of Daiyu, as Obi-Wan escapes with the Princess Packed with detail, this dynamic duo features a great likeness to the actors as well as brings their Daiyu[...]
Iron Studios Unleash the Krang with a Brand New TMNT Statue 
Iron Studios is back with another addition to their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles statue series We have already seen two different versions of the turtles, as well as Shredder, Casey Jones, and April O'Neal It looks like a third party has entered the fight for New York as the Krang have finally arrived from Dimension[...]
Harry Potter’s Dumbledore Brings Some Magic to Iron Studios 
It is time to return to the grounds of Hogwarts yet again, as Iron Studios debuts a brand new Harry Potter statue Albus Dumbledore is back and ready to cast a spell on fans' collections with an impressive new deluxe statue Revisit Dumbledore's office in incredible detail as Iron Studios captures the magic once again[...]
Jurassic World Mosasaurus Takes a Bite Out of Iron Studios
The park is open once again as Iron Studios debuts a brand new addition to their Jurassic World Iconic collection We have seen plenty of incredible dinosaurs in the past couple of months, and now one of the biggest has arrived with the Mosasaurus The Mosasaurs made their debut in Jurassic World, getting an interesting[...]
Finish Your Wizard of Oz Iron Studios Collection with Dorthy and Toto
Wizard of Oz collectors can finish the Yellow Brick Road with Iron Studios Slowly but surely, Iron Studios has been releasing each of the main characters from the Wizard of Oz in impressive 1/10 Art Scales series The Scarecrow kicked off the line, followed by the Tin Man as well as the Cowardly Lion as[...]
Masters of the Universe Trap Jaw Brings Some Heat to Iron Studios 
The villains are rising up as Iron Studios reveals yet another Masters of the Universe statue Iron Studios is pretty new to the world of Eternia, and they have knocked it out of the park We have already seen plenty of heroes join the fight with He-man, Man-At-Arms, Stratos, as well as Teela and Orko[...]
Mer-Man Joins Iron Studios Masters of the Universe Statue Series
Good and evil thrive in the world of Masters of the Universe, and one of the deadly villains has arisen with Iron Studios Iron Studios is fairly new to the Masters of the Universe game, but their impressive 1/10 Art Scale statues are no joke He-Man better watch out as Mer-Man is on the hunt[...]
Iron Studios Reveals New The Wizard of Oz Statue with the Scarecrow
It is time to follow the Yellow Brick Road once again as the Scarecrow joins Iron Studios' impressive The Wizard of Oz statue series This marks the third statue to arrive with the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion already on their way to Oz Just like previous versions, two different styles are being offered[...]
Jurassic Park Icons Reaches New Heights with Next Iron Studios Statue 
This moment is iconic, and it captivates audiences and now you can bring this gorgeous dinosaur home as Iron Studios debuts their latest JP Icons statues Coming in at 7.4" tall, Iron Studios captures the beauty and elegance of this beast with impressive detail and bit-size format He is posed in a dynamic stance as[...]
The Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion Looks for Courage with Iron Studios
It is off to the Yellow Brick Road once again, as Iron Studios has debuted their latest The Wizard of Oz statue Dorothy and the crew are ready for another adventure as they are in search of something missing We have already seen the Tin Man arrive for this set, and it looks like it[...]
Jurassic Park Raptors Walk the Earth Once Again with Iron Studios
I am sure we will start to see plenty of fantastic 30th anniversary collectibles to arrive for Jurassic Park, and Iron Studios is celebrating by continuing their Jurassic Park Icons line The Iron Studios Icons line brings legendary dinosaurs to life in glorious fashion in a bite-size format without holding back on the detail We[...]
Masters of the Universe Teela and Orko Save the Day with Iron Studios 
Mattel continues to go strong with their Origins line, but for more static collectors, Iron Studios continues to bring the world of Eternia to statue form We have already seen plenty of iconic Masters of the Universe heroes and villains arrive, and it looks like another one is here Teela and Orko are together again[...]
Universal Monsters Frankenstein is Alive Once More with Iron Studios 
Coming out of the impressive world of Universal Monsters, Frankenstein's monster comes to life with Iron Studios' latest release Coming in at 9.6" tall, this misunderstood beast is faithfully recreated in a gorgeous format Two versions of this statue will be offered with a standard and a deluxe (shown below), which add more of a[...]
Thor: Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk Enters the Arena with Iron Studios 
The Hulk return to peak physical performance as Iron Studios takes Marvel Studios fans back to the hit film Thor: Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk is back and is bigger and better than ever as Iron Studios debut their new massive 1/4 scale statue Coming in at a whopping 31.9" tall, this green giant is packed with[...]
Darth Maul Prepares for the Duel of Fates with Iron Studios 
Coming out of Star Wars: A Phantom Menace, Darth Maul is ready to cut down some Jedi with his new statue from Iron Studios Capturing his on-screen appearance, Maul is beautifully crafted and showcased during the Palace of Theed's final act His iconic dual bladed red lightsaber is ignited with Darth Maul's angry expression perfectly[...]
The Lord of the Rings Sauron Rises Once More with Iron Studios 
While we are just starting to see the Dark Lord rise, Iron Studios brings him to his peak with their latest Lord of the Rings statue Standing at a mighty 14.9" tall, Sauron is faithfully recreated from his film appearance as he stands on a beautifully sculpted version of the Barad-dûr stronghold Mordor Iron Studios[...]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles April O’Neil Comes to Iron Studios 
Playmates continue to keep the line alive, but we've also started to see new pieces through places like Super7, Mezco Toyz, The Loyal Subjects, and even Iron Studios Iron Studios' line is fairly new, and it was only last year when we saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1/10 Art Scale statues arrive with two[...]
Darth Vader Hunts Down the Rebels with New Iron Studios Statue
The full power of the Dark Side has been unleashed as Iron Studios debuts their latest Star Wars statue Coming out of the final moments of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Darth Vader on trying to acquire the Rebel plans This dangerous Sith Lord is on the warpath to locate the stolen Death Star[...]
Cover Your Eyes as Iron Studios Unleashes Jurassic Parks Dilophosaurus 
You better cover your eyes as Iron Studios debuts their latest Jurassic Park Icons statue It looks like the deadly Dilophosaurus is back and ready to join the hunt and join your growing dino collection The Jurassic Park Icons line s a roughly new series of statues that pack expensive detail in tiny format for[...]
Jurassic Park Velociraptor’s Are on the Hunt with Iron Studios 
Iron Studios has slowly but surely bringing the world of Jurassic Park to life with its Jurassic Park Icons line This statue series features miniature versions of the legendary dinosaurs on stylized bases with the films logo All of the same realistic detail is captured here but for a fraction of the price as some[...]
Beast Man Joins Iron Studios Masters of the Universe Statue Series 
His future mainly comes down to how the collector wants to depict him, and that choice returns with Iron Studios A brand new 1/10 Art Scale Masters of the Universe statue has arrived with Man-E-Faces coming to life Coming in at 9.8" tall, this futuristic gladiator is beautifully hand-painted with metallic blue elements on his[...]
Dead Defender Doctor Strange Rises with Iron Studios Deluxe Statue
The horrors from the Multiverse come to Iron Studios as they reveal their latest Marvel Studios statue Coming out of the film Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Doctor Strange unleashes the power of the Darkhold In an attempt to stop the Scarlet Witch, Strange must dream walk to save the multiverse This dangerous[...]
Find Your Heart with New Wizard of Oz Statue from Iron Studios 
It is time to revisit the Yellow Brick Road once again, as Iron Studios is looking for a heart More specifically, the Tin Man is back and ready to begin his quest to look for this heart This beautifully crafted 9" statue takes fans right back to the iconic and classic 1939 adventure as we[...]
Beast Man Joins Iron Studios Masters of the Universe Statue Series 
Iron Studios is returning fans to the mystical world of Eternia The statue company is back at it again as they continue to reveal more 1/10 Art Scale pieces for their Masters of the Universe line The power of Beast Man is getting unleashed this time with a beautifully crafted 9" tall statue One of[...]
Black Adam Has Awakened with A New Iron Studios Statue 
Iron Studios is thinking the same thing as they have revealed their latest 1/10 Art Scale statue feature the man himself. Coming in at 10.8" tall, this hand-painted statue showcases this anti-hero finally being awakened from his 5,000-year-old sleep Black Adam features a weather paint deco with him being depicted floating in the air with his[...]
Stan Lee The Master of Cameos Comes to Iron Studios with New Statue
The Master of Cameos, The Godfather of Marvel Comics, and the legend himself, Stan Lee, is getting a new collectible with Iron Studios This comic book icon is back as he receives a new 1/10 Art Scale statue comic in at 8.2" tall His classic look is faithfully recreated with signature glasses, mustache, and outfit[...]
Mortal Kombat Baraka Wants a Fatality with New Iron Studios Statue 
Iron Studios made sure to capture his deadly razor sharp teeth and the bony blades protruding from his arms in great detail From his red eyes to his intense sculpt, Mortal Kombat fans will make sure to add this kombatant to their impressive gaming collection It looks like we are slowly but surely getting more[...]
Lord of the Rings Gandalf Stands His Ground with Iron Studios 
Iron Studios is capturing on elf the film powerful scenes in 1/10 Art Sale statue form as Gandalf the Grey as back and standing his ground Gandalf is ready to hold the Balrog back with a fantastic hand-painted 7.8" tall statue The statue features a high likeness to actor Ian McKellen, showing a battle ready[...]