Masters of the Universe Camo Khan Coming Soon to Mattel Creations 

Mattel is back once again with another impressive Masters of the Universe special edition release. Collectors are getting another blast from the past as we travel back to 1987 with the return of Kobra Khan Camuflado. This special figure originally released in Argentina and was one of the more popular variants at the time on the Masters of the Universe vintage market. Kobra Khan is now back and ready to take control of your collection and rule Eternia with a mystical fist. Mattel made sure to load up this special release with swappable hands, secondary heads, signature weapons, and even a sweet spit-spray mouth effect. It releases like this that Mattel Creations was made for and Masters of the Universe Camo Khan returns December 2, 2022, at 12 PM EST. He will be priced at $30, features unique packaging, and can be found right here. 

The Rare Argentina Variant Returns to Mattel Creations

"Back in 1987, a new take on a MOTU favorite was released in Argentina as the Kobra Khan Camuflado figure. As one of the most popular variants in the collectibles market, we couldn't wait to bring Camo Khan™ into the new MOTU line, for all our devoted fans. The story of Camo Khan makes him more than just a variant of Kobra Khan. Skeletor enchanted Kobra Khan with new powers of camouflage, a more potent form of his hypnotic mist, and the mystical Golden Claws of Crushing. But as snakes always do, he turned on Skeletor and seized his Havoc Staff."


"Camo Khan breeds evil into our MOTU line. Inspired by the popular Kobra Khan Camuflado collectible figure from 1987 released in Argentina, we're bringing this sly villain back. Enchanted by Skeletor, Camo Khan has new powers of camouflage, a more potent hypnotic mist, and the mystical Golden Claws of Crushing. Harness his new powers with swappable hands, heads, weapons, and a spray accessory."

  • MOTU Camo Khan Action Figure
  • Inspired by the 1987 MOTU action figure released in Argentina
  • Stands 5.5 inches tall
  • 16 points of articulation for menacing displays
  • Comes with multiple hands, heads, weapons, and a spit-spray mouth accessory

©2022 Mattel

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