Funko Starts Off NYCC 2020 Reveals with NYCC Mascots

The moment all Funko fans have been waiting for this Fall has finally arrived! New York Comic Con 2020 might have been canceled this year but that isn't stopping Funko. Things are starting off like they usually do with Convention Mascots, but this year we are getting a new one. Paulie Pigeon is back with two new Pops, with the first being an orange and blue superhero with a Limited Edition run of 1500. The new mascot Pizza Rat makes his debut with a 3000 Limited Edition Pop. They will also be debuting on a special REEDPOP t-shirt and pin set that will be all exclusive to them. However, they will also be getting variant Pops where Paulie Pigeon and Pizza Rat are wearing blue colors instead of orange. These mascots are very sought after by fans and will be a highlight of NYCC fans this year.

Virtual Con 4.0 has been officially announced and that means a new slew of Funko Pops are being revealed for the event. Just like San Diego Comic Con, these will all be released on the Funko-Shop in one big event. Others will be getting shared exclusives that will hit the usual retailers like GameStop, Hot Topic, Target, Walmart, and more. Going off of the past Virtual Cons, the Funko-Shop will be the only way to get the official NYCC 2020 sticker with a 50/50 chance. All Funko Pops will be located here and the exact date of the NYCC 2020 Virtual Con 4.0 has yet to be revealed. Stay tuned for more NYCC reveals as they come through the week.

Reveal 1 – "Funko NYCC 2020 reveals begin with a limited edition Pizza Rat Pop!, NYCC Paulie Pigeon Pop!, T-shirt and Pins. These items will be exclusively sold by REEDPOP"

Reveal 2 – "Funko NYCC 2020 Reveals Pizza Rat and NYCC Paulie Pigeon"

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