PUBG Figures Bring the Battle Royale Home with Solider Story

The Battle Royale scene is not dead just yet as the popular PlayerUnknown Battleground (PUBG) returns with new collectibles. This time, Soldier Story brings two players for the battlefield alive with their 1/12 series of figures. Soldier Story is quite known for bringing military and police force men and women alive with some high quality figures. These figures are no different as they are loaded with high amounts details and accessories. The first figure is the main PUBG poster boy The Lone Survivor. The 1/12th scale figure will come with 7 interchangeable hands, helmet, backpack, frying pan, and an attachable holster. As for the weapons, he will be getting a P92 handgun with removable magazines, Kar98k rifle with sling and scope, and an AKM with magazines and scope. The second figure is the Trenchcoat Solider who is nicely detailed and features his own personal arsenal. The PUBG figure comes with a trench coat with medals, backpack, secondary head with a beanie, and 5 swappable hands. As for weapons, the Trenchcoat Solider will be supplied with a crossbow, 1911 with clips, PUBG M416 with removable magazines, smoke grenades, and a machete.

Soldier Story really put a lot of time and effort into both these figures. They captivate the essence of war and from the accessories to their clothing, they are ready to get that top #1 spot. The popularity of the battle royale genre might be dim but fans of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) will be happy to add these figures to their gaming collection. Prices and details have not been revealed just yet. Based on previous figure releases they can vary between $99-199. Pre-orders are also not live just yet but you will be able to find them located here when they do. Check out all the official details about both of these figures here as well. Bring your love for his game series home with these figures and get yourself a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

PUBG Figures from Soldier Story Toys
PlayerUnkown Battlegrounds, photo from Soldier Story.

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