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RSVLTS Celebrates I Am Your Father's Day with New Star Wars Collection

Fathers Day is this weekend and RSVLTS has unveiled their latest set of All-Day Polos and T-Shirts from the world of Star Wars 

Article Summary

  • RSVLTS unveils new Star Wars Breakfast Ball Collection for Father's Day.
  • Collection includes All-Day polos, t-shirts, and themed golf accessories.
  • From Dark Side Grillin' to Mid-Century Mando, designs for every Star Wars dad.
  • Embrace the Force on the course with Lightsaber grips and golf ball markers.

Return to the galaxy far, far away with RSVLTS as they celebrate the legendary celebration of I Am Your Father's Day. To help in the celebration, a new Star Wars Breakfast Ball Collection has been revealed that is surely meant for some of the best dads around the galaxy. This is a massive golf-inspired release that will include four brand new Breakfast Balls All-Day polos, as well as two Star Wars Father's Day-themed t-shirts. Whether you're a Rebel or an Imperial, fans will also be able to hit the golf course with the Force on their side with a sweet selection of intergalactic golf accessories, with club covers, Lightsaber-inspired putter grips, and even golf ball markers!

As a Star Wars fan and a Dad, this is truly a Force-sensitive collection of Star Wars polos and shirts that check marks all the right boxes. With Father's Day, Fourth of July, and plenty of Summer Cook-Outs ahead of us this year, this is a collection of shirts you are looking for. Each design is packed with Easter Eggs and fun details to have any fans happy to wear them, and those two Father Dad tees are just nicely crafted. Even the lightsaber grips, gold ball markers, and gold club covers all bring something special to the table, and maybe, just maybe, it'll add the Force to our golf game. The entire Star Wars – I Am Your Father's Day collection is already live on

Become the Galaxy's #1 Dad with RSVLTS New Star Wars Collection

Dark Side Grillin'

  • "Dark side dogs. Sith kebabs. Baddie burgers. Hope you like your food well-done because whether it's running the Empire or cooking up some 'cue, Darth Vader doesn't do anything halfway. We'd hate to be the poor Death Star employee who forgot the potato salad."

Lil Skywalkers

  • "In a typical family, drama might mean a sibling hogging the bathroom or a kid breaking curfew. In the Skywalker family, it's more like obliterating your daughter's home planet or a father and son exchanging hand-removing Lightsaber™ blows. Either way, great stories to tell the grandkids, amirite?"

Mid-Century Mando

  • "Seriously, how adorable are Mando and Grogu joyriding through the galaxy on this super-neato vintage-style design? Where are they headed? A father-foundling picnic? A master-apprentice camping trip?"

Harry Vader's Day

  • "What do you get the father who already runs the galaxy? A mug? A necktie? A Death Star WITHOUT a fatal flaw? Tough call. You know what's not a tough call? Grabbing this galactically gorgeous All-Day Polo featuring an Empire-red-and-black montage of Darth Vader getting his dad on."

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