Star Wars Clone Wars Arc Commander Havoc Joins Hasbro's TVC

One of my favorite Star Wars series is The Clone Wars and that is due to the Clone Trooper stories. The Clone Wars was a brutal war, and the Republic was backed by its army of Clone Troopers. These soldiers were more than just clones they each had their own style, personality, and story to tell. I love watching their tales unfold, and these troopers are a big part of who I am. Every time a new clone trooper comes out from Hasbro, it is an instant buy, and a new one has arrived from Walmart Con! Arc Commander Havoc is reporting for duty with a brand new Star Wars: The Vintage Collection release. Arc Commander Havoc was one often the commanders on Kamino when the Separatists attacked, and he fell in battle. This figure beautifully showcases this highly decorated trooper, and he will feature a full helmet design with four blasters. Havoc is a Walmart Exclusive, is priced at $16.99, and is set for a later release with pre-orders located right here. 

Clone Arc Commander Havoc Reporting for Duty

"Clone trooper Havoc proved himself as a soldier and was rewarded with a promotion to ARC trooper. He served in Rancor Battalion with Commander Colt and oversaw clone cadets' training on the world Kamino.  This ARC Commander Havoc 3.75-inch action figure is inspired by the character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Calling back to the original 1970s Star Wars collectibles and including a special 20th Anniversary logo, this The Vintage Collection item features Kenner branding and package design. This Star Wars The Vintage Collection action figure comes with 5 accessories, including a removable helmet. Highly articulated with fully poseable head, arms, and legs, this Star Wars ARC Commander Havoc collector figure can be displayed in action figure and vehicle collections."

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