The Book of Boba Fett Comes to RSVLTS with New Shirt Collection

The Book of Boba Fett has been an absolute wild ride giving Star Wars fans new stories of the legendary bounty hunter since his supposed demise in 1983. While the show has split many fans down the middle, this is exactly the show we need as it gives us a new version of Boba to follow. With the rise of this iconic Star Wars anti-hero, a lot of new collectibles and merchandise has started to arrive. One of the coolest and newest sets of apparel has just been revealed by RSVLTS as they are celebrating the legendary Boba Fett with their newest Star Wars collection. RSVLTS has revealed that four incredible KUNUFLEX short-sleeve button up will be released today. Each tee features a fantastic design that shows off the Legacy of Boba Fett from throughout the years.

The first tee is labeled Out with the Garbage, and it shows off Slave I and Boba from Star Wars: The Empire Strike Back. Stealthily tracking down the Millennium Falcon, RSVLTS captures this bounty hunter in an iconic time in Star Wars history. The asteroids, Slave I, Falcon, and Boba Fett designs are shown throughout adding for a tasteful tee that will shine in any occasion you are in. Speaking of iconic, RSVLTS is also giving Star Wars fans an incredible throwback with their Boba's Debut tee that gives us the return of the Star Wars Holiday Special. The design features the cartoon debut of Boba Fett and is loaded with an eye-pleasing animated design that shows off the Boba in his blue armor, his creature, and all of the Holiday Special detail you want.

The fun does not end there as RSVLTS still has two more Boba Fett tees collections on the way, and we focus on the Badge of Armor next. This KUNUFLEX tee shows off all the important symbols and parts of the bounty hunter armor that fans are accustomed to seeing. From his iconic helmet, armor symbols, jetpack, and Slave I, this collage is a nice elegant design to show off your Star Wars love. Last but not least, RSVLTS has a The Book Boba Fett shirt coming with their Rebirth design that shows off Fennec and Boba from his time in the sands of Tatooine. All of these Star Wars button-ups are truly legendary and will be must-own item for your wardrobe and the perfect item to wear every Wednesday for new The Book of Boba Fett episodes. All of these KUNUFLEX Short Shirt Tees are set to go up today (January 27, 2022) at 4 PM EST right here.

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