TMNT Collectors Should Skate To Target & Get Mondo Gecko

After a couple of month's break, the NECA cartoon TMNT line is coming back full force late summer and fall with a plethora of releases. The two latest, Muckman and Mondo Gecko, are Ultimate editions, packed with extras in the already iconic old-school VHS style packaging.  Of the two, I was personally looking most forward to Gecko; in fact, my friend Ray and I had discussed the figure for months. He wears the shirt constantly, and I have some of my fondest memories of playing with the old TMNT skateboarding, smiling lizard. NECA sent one over for us to play around with, so let's see if it lived up to our lofty expectations.

TMNT Collectors May Be In The Fence About This One

The MOC collectors have got to be loving these Ultimate TMNT releases. I had all of the cartoon series VHS tapes, so seeing that font and layout really kicks me in the nostalgia bone. Not to mention it is some of the best executed in the game today. I have said this before; I really wish I kept those MOC, but that is just not what I do. So, I shall open it.

Once opened, yet again NECA knocked the figure out of the park. You have to attach his tail, but other than that, he comes fully together. Like the last couple of figures they have released in this line, they have really listened to fans and collectors. The joints are looser, with no fear of snapping, and the swappable parts are so much easier to swap. Mondo is one of the most colorful releases in the TMNT cartoon line as well, with the yellows really popping with the green of his skin. Kerma is also included, and I love the way he looks in his little robe. Where the quality dips for me is in the accessories. First issue: I wish the peg on his skateboard were a little more centered; the placement makes the weight of the figure tilt it really easily. He falls off more than he stays on. He can still pose on it, but it can be a challenge. The bomb is cool, too, as is the baby gecko and money bag. But the skateboard has to be perfect. Sculpting-wise, it is, but that peg placement is so weird, and since there is no front peg, it drags the whole thing down a bit.

That being said, though, this is still one of the best-sculpted figures in the line so far. His jaw and smirk are spot on and not on the board; he moves around perfectly. He may not be 100 percent perfect, but he is still at least a 9/10. Mondo Gecko is shipping from NECA and can be found in Target stores now.

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