Transformers Tigratron Makes A Roar with New Figure from Hasbro

Beast Wars: Transformers was a very interesting concept with the cartoon series being set up as a sequel to the iconic cartoon. The series showed off new Transformers called the Maximals and Predacons who are descendants of Autobot and Decepticons. These warriors transform between animal forms which are way different from the usual vehicles we are use to. This time Hasbro is bringing one of those warriors to life, Tigatron, with there newest masterpiece figure. He comes with interchangeable faces, two blasters, and the ability to transform into his white Siberian tiger form. His transformed counterpart is pretty sleek compared to the usual transformed mode and the seemliness of the tiger is nice. This is not any cheap figure either and is priced at $219.99. Tigatron is set to pounce into action in October 2020 and pre-orders are already live and located here. Relive the Beast Wars today and add his feisty feline to your collection today.

"No. I am sorry… I am still more tiger than Maximal… until my identity circuits restore themselves, I believe my place is here in the wilds, with my kind. But you may count on my loyalty."

Tigratron Makes A Roar with New Masterpiece Edition from Hasbro
Credit: Hasbro

Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-50 Beast Wars Tigatron

  • Tigatron… Maximize!
  • Big figure transforms from white Siberian Tiger to Maximal warrior and back again.
  • Figure includes accessories, interchangeable faces, and gear straight from the classic Beast Wars TV show.

Tigatron… Maximize! This descendant of the Autobots is here to keep an eye over ancient Earth while the Predacons plot against heroes across time. Standing tall above Cheetor, but not quite as tall as Dinobot, our hero comes loaded with swappable faces. He can be angry, sad, surprised, or even shown in a "hacking" mode! Armed with two blasters, instructions, a character card, and a display stand adapter, this big cat is ready to pounce on your collection. You loved Mainframe's CG series Beast Wars, so don't miss out on this awesome recreation of one of its most famous faces!

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