Funko Soda Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute Have Arrived

As Funko Soda continues to come out, we here at Bleeding Cool continue to collect them. These are one of the newest products to come out of the Funko-World that bring back limited edition collecting. We have covered quite a few of these Sodas from a Robin Chase here, Emerald City Comic Con Scott Pilgrim Exclusives here, and even Masters of the Universe here. Each one is always fun opening as most come with a chance at a Chase figure. The figures are very limited already so getting them is already a challenge so getting a chase is quite a reward. So far the highest limit has been 10,000 with heroes like Batman and Robin and the lowest of 3,000 like Disco Skeletor or WonderCon Ramona Flowers. This time we were able to secure a couple of the Funko Soda Cereal Ad Icons that were released at the 2020 WonderCon. Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute were both released on the Funko-Shop and were both limited to 5,000 pieces. Yummy Mummy sold out pretty fast with Fruit Brute not far behind. So let's crack open some Soda in our next Funko review.

Up first is the Cereal Ad Icon Fruit Brute who was limited to only 5,000 pieces. This figure did have an 800LE Chase that was Frankenberry themed. We did not luck out and get the chase but this 4,200LE figure is still pretty amazing. The can features a retro style decal on the front of the can with a WonderCon sticker and the limited edition size next to it. The Funko Soda figures feature the classic Ad Icons look with a Saturday Morning Cartoon charm. He is holding a spoon in hand which any cereal monster obviously would in this situation. As the full moon continues, another monster rises from the cereal boxes with a ghoulish look. Yummy Mummy is up next with a 5,000LE Funko Soda WonderCon Exclusive figure. The can shows a cartoon styled mummy on the front with the added WonderCon sticker. This figure also did have a 1:6 Chase variant that is Fruit Brute themed. Lucky for us we happened to come across this Chase figure it's our pull! This was an exciting surprise to see as there are only 800 of these bad boys out there. The orange, green, and purple colors on the Funko Soda Yummy Mummy gives him more of a gummy look. The figure is nicely sculpted and is quite adorable. From his colors to his cartoony look this is a great figure to get our hands on. The Funko Soda line is a great addition to the collectible world. From their cute and cartoony designs to the limited edition number, it makes hunting each one fun to get and collecting fun again. Get your hands on your own Soda vinyl figures here and test your luck and get your own Chase.

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