Funko Soda: The Hunt for the Chase – Robin Edition

Funko Soda is finally upon us and it's a great new collectible to get fans back into the game. We have already opened 4 cans so far with the first two being Crusader Rabbit and Green Hornet, which you can find here. We then opened Frankenberry and Fred Flintstone soda cans which you can find here. This time we got another can that went live on Hot Topic online but sold out pretty fast. This is, of course, our favorite Boy Wonder, Robin! This figure is limited to only 7,500 pieces with 1,200 of them being Chase variants. One of the best things about Funko's new Funko Soda is the fact that they are all limited edition and they all have a chance at a Chase variant. So let's not wait for any further and dive right into this review/ unboxing of the Robin Funko Soda.

I love the packaging for all of these figures and the soda aspect is just awesome touch. Each can usually show colors based on the vinyl figure inside so of course yellow and green collar are all over this can. These study packages are nice to show off as backdrops for your figures and look great on a shelf.

This time we are all seeing the unboxing together as I type. Inside the can we see the black nylon bag that each figure comes in. It only makes it more intense because you are just curious about your find. Each figure also comes in these bags and are even covered in bubble wrap for better protection. Inside the can, there is also the pog that showcases if we got a Chase or not. As we look into the Funko Soda can we are greeted with a smiling Robin looking back at us. The color does seem off though so I gotta shake the can to flip over the pog. BOOM! Wow, it looks like we have actually struck gold and found the Golden Robin Chase variant!

Funko Soda: The Hunt for the Chase - Robin Edition

I am honestly quite surprised we actually got a chase with just a limited run of this figure. This is a great Chase and it goes well with the Batman Chase which is also golden. The design of this vinyl is pretty adorable and fits the Funko Soda line just fine. It's hard to compare the Chase to the normal since we have nothing to compare it to the solid shining gold on this Robin. It's still a nice figure that will easily pop in any Funko Soda collection.

Funko really has given us something special with their Funko Soda line. Each can is a surprise and if you can get your hands on one you already have something pretty limited. We were finally lucky enough to hit gold this time and that only makes me want to try my luck at more. You can find your own Funko Soda online and here!

Funko Soda: The Hunt for the Chase - Robin Edition

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