Scott Pilgrim Cracks Open Some Cans of Exclusive Funko Soda

Funko Soda is still pretty new in the collectibles world and still hasn't quite hit its mark. These collectibles are very underrated and collectors need to get there hands on them. We finally were able to get our Emerald City Comic Con Scott Pilgrim Funko Soda figures after a mailing mix up. It doesn't matter what Soda vinyl it is, it's always nice to get my hands on one and take my chances. Most Funko Soda figures have a 1:6 chase variant and these two also had that chance. Both of these figures are limited to only 4,000 pieces each and to celebrate Emerald City Comic Con, both figures chase has green elements to them which are a nice touch. We didn't get chases in this set of figures but let's not hold out any longer and jump into this review.

First up is the main man himself, Scott Pilgrim. His can shows off a blue/ yellow letter coloring and a cartoon style of him in the center. The cartoon depiction of Scott Pilgrim does throw off a lot of Michael Cera vibes which is pretty interesting. The figure itself is a pretty simple design, his hair is sculpted nice and his clothes are bright in color. He is wearing an Astro Boy shirt which is a nice little nerdy detail. The love interest Ramona Flowers is up next with her pink haired design. She is a little more detailed than Scott with her goggles, outfit, and purse which is nice. They both have a little bit bigger chins which are odd but not a complete turn away from owning them. Her colors are bright and she will defiantly pop on any collectors shelf.

Scott Pilgrim Funko Soda
Credit: Tyler Roberts

Most Scott Pilgrim Funko stuff is pretty popular amongst the fans. However, these Soda figures did not sell out and you can still find them online. They are priced at $12 each and are both located here. Funko Soda is still new in the world but doesn't miss out on these figures. Whether your a fan of Scott Pilgrim or other licenses out there like Masters of the Universe or Ad Icons these figures are great. It does not look like these collectibles are stopping any time soon so take the risk and snag one up and check them out for yourself.

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