"12 New Graphic Novels & Comics" Gets Attention On Twitter

Among the trending topics on Twitter was a Kickstarter. The name? 12 New Graphic Novels & Comics. Sounds simple enough, but what is it really? Retrofit Comics is raising money to publish their next 12 graphic novels and comic books.

Here's the list books:

We All Wish For Deadly Force by Leela Corman

Hellbound by Kaeleigh Forsyth and Alabaster Pizzo

Elf Cat in Love by James Kochalka

Summerland by Paloma Dawkins

Libby's Dad by Eleanor Davis

Our Mother by Luke Howard

I Thought You Hated Me by MariNaomi 

Canopy by Karine Bernadou

Lovers in the Garden by Anya Davidson

Shit and Piss by Tyler Landry

a currently untitled story by Sophie Yanow

Babybel Wax Body Suit by Eric Kostiuk Williams

Just in case you want to read what the company is all about:

We've published 45 comics and graphic novels since we were founded in 2011 by New York Times bestselling cartoonist Box Brown. We actually started with a successful Kickstarter, and have been aiming to publish around 12 comics a year ever since.

Here's what people on Twitter had to say:


For more information visit the Kickstarter yourself. They explain everything in a really thorough way and it's definitely a project we should all support.