19 Pieces Of Batman Gossip From The Bars Of New York Comic Con

This is usually about how long it takes to reach me. But interesting folk at last weekend's New York Comic-Con risked life and limb by gossiping, unmasked, about the future of Batman at DC Comics. And this is what has reached my limey ears, sitting in a study in South West London… feel free to tick off however many, if any, nuggets we get right over the next few weeks. Make sure you keep coming back to check, and bollock me in the comments if anything is egregiously incorrect. I might even read it…

Batman Gossip From The Bars Of New York Comic Con

1. Batkids Beat The Whole Family

Damian Wayne can take out the entire rest of the Batfamily, if he just wants to get to his dad. But then so can Failsafe. They are both, of course, children of Batman.

2. The Batcouch

Batman fighting the Batfamily is like therapy for him. Can that be healthy?

3. A Short Story

Don't expect the Queen Of Fables to last long in this story.

4. Bat Bolted

Welcome a newly built Batmobile just for speed, with a little of the Speed Force access in its design – The Bat-Bolt. Too soon for Christmas toys? It may not last that long.

5. Monkey News

We already saw Damian Wayne in Monkey Prince #2. Well, watch for Monkey Prince #9 to cross over big time with Batman Vs Robin in response.

6. Fox News

We already saw that I Am Batman has a Dark Crisis crossover. But might Jace Fox need a Failsafe all of his own?

7. Army Matters

Nezha wants an eight billion army to fight against his son, Mother Soul wants a scorched Earth so she can start again.

8. Good Cop Bad Cop

It's time for Renee Montoya to come to terms with her own history of making illegal arrests.

9. Moon Music

While Batman fights robots on the moon.

10. Sidekittens

Meet Li'l Kitten, The Cat Boi, The Feline Phenom, sidekick to Catwoman. But is he really?

11. Belt Up

Batman's utility belt is a weapon in and of itself.

12. Just Smile

While the Joker has his own Batarangs. Grin-arangs? We'll need a name.

13. Bat-something

As Bruce Wayne has an early nickname from Ra's Al Ghul, The Demon's Heart.

14. You Had One Job, Alfred

Alfred may be back in Batman Vs Robin, but not for long. And he was the one in charge of resetting Failsafe if it was triggered without reason…

15. Where The Streets Have New Names

Failsafe has turned every street in Gotham into Crime Alley.

16. Crime Travel

While Thomas and Martha Wayne have time travelling to the present, straight from the moments before their death in Crime Alley.

17. On His Mother's Side

Bruce Wayne's life is also about to be filled by that of Martha Wayne's family.

18. Great Scott!

Oh and talking of blasts from the past, is Ric Grayson back?

19. Batvillainesses Organise

And get ready for The Ladies And Nonbinaries Of Doom

Batman Gossip From The Bars Of New York Comic Con

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