39 Thoughts About 39 Of Today's Comics – Batman, Deadpool, TMNT And… Jonesy

Another Wednesday, another lot of comics to read. What joy!Batman-Superman (2013-) 029-018

It may be called Batman/Superman, but this week it's more like Wolverine Vs Lobo…

Batman-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2015-) 003-010

And in other cross company crossovers, the best bit ever from Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…

Say, did you know it's Valentine's Day this weekend?

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 2.23.07 PM

Invader Zim predicts the inevitable apocalypse.


But Jonesy #1 has it down to an actual science.
Old Man Logan 002-011

Old Man Logan has a monstrous Hulk in mind….


But in Totally Awesome Hulk #3, Lady Hellbender isn't sure that this new one counts.

ShaftImitation01 10Shaft: Imitation of Life #1 may give her something a little meatier to chew on. Hey, did that come out gross? Sorry that wasn't my intent….

Green Lantern Corps - Edge of Oblivion (2015-) 002-017

Guy Gardner in pot/kettle/black moment in Green Lantern: Edge Of Oblivon. He who lives by the douche, dies by the douche….

Batman (2011-) 049-009

A very different Bruce Wayne and Batman that could have been in Batman #49. Is it any more unlikely than the one that… is?

no mercyNo Mercy has a break for some non-human lettering. But for the rest of the issue, it's all Carla Speed McNeil's hand lettering… with a final page that I swear was by Dave Sim




Carla gets a double week with the release of Harrow County too…  and more hand lettering. Sorry to go on, but it does seem  lost art that should be revived, if only for the creative possibilities it still offers.



There are those who are immune to the Spread's infection. But they seem to have own of their very own…


While Gotham Academy has – what the hell is that? The Lich? Seriously, I thought this was a kids book. Run away, run away! I mean that's like Death Eaters on acid. And I know someone who'll know all about that…

Deadpool (2015-) 007-012

Deadpool revisits his own spoiler moment of grief and trauma. This actually happened by the way.

Terrible terrible people… they deserve everything Deadpool brings… maybe.

Red Hood-Arsenal (2015-) 009-010

Red Hood & Arsenal continues in its attempt to rehabilitate Joker's Daughter as an ongoing character, literally leaving her face behind…. but also goes Batwoman style with a plethora of pages designed as double page spreads. Works so much better in print than in digital…. and lets figures dance across the pages.

Weirdworld (2015-) 003-012

Dancing is on the page over in Weirdworld too.


While New Avengers seems to want to put a downer on the whole affair.
IMG_0075  Tony Stark and James Rhodes have "the talk" in All-New All-Different Avengers.


Darth Vader #16 continues to prove why 0-0-0 is the best thing ever about the Star Wars revival at Marvel.IMG_0062

I'm glad someone remembers the original Star Wars, even if it's just Deadpool and Titania – from Illuminati.



We now join the cloning hour at X Thoughts About X Of Today's Comics.


First with Spider-Man/Deadpool #2, as Wade Wilson meets Miles Morales… and makes a damn good point. One that everyone else in the Marvel Universe should have made, as his is want. And also turns down the sexy stuff because, you know, kids present.
IMG_0046While in Ms Marvel, they achieve absolute creepiness with 3D prining clones of an Asgardian duplicating machine. Who thinks this is a good idea? Kids these days, they've never even seen Multiplicity. And they have way better 3D printers over there. Maybe they got them from Batgirl?


Ninjak #12 brings Ninjak and Shadowman finally come face-to-face. The actal Shadowman, not just one of the copies.Batman (2011-) 049-011

Or Batman. He has – or had – the cloning down pat. With hideous consequences to come…

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 2.29.34 PM

Letter 44 #23 explores the problems of living cheek by jowl wit any kind of privacy. And you know what? So does The Flash.


Wally West has clearly been doing.. something with his new vibrating hands power, alone in his locked bedroom. Say, if you were a teenage boy, where would you go with this?Precinct03 4Precinct #3 knows what Wally West is talking about.

While over in The Ultimates, they could probaby use a cleanup in aisle five before…

Yup. And Harley Quinn makes a joke that really won't work soon in Little Black Book, but does pull of a remarkably convincing Green Lantern/type character. There will be toys.   IMG_0041Starfire makes the best unintentional jokes of the week. You'll miss her when she's gone.


While the folk in You Are Not Alone seem to have been Netflix and chillin' to Jessica Jones
IMG_0031Constantine, The Helblazer is trying to spell it out, Just not sure what. I.S.U.? International Skating Union? Pretty comic though…IMG_0029 Batman & Robin Eternal brings on the artificially created feels to fight the badness of Mother….IMG_0030

… but don't let the smiles fool you in All-New Wolverine. It won't end well…

Layout 1In Aliens / Vampirella #6, this is clearly what happens when you leave everything covered up but your face. Classic Vampirella could lead facehuggers on a merrier dance.

DocSavageSpider-03 13That's a really terrible game of Where's Waldo, from Doc Savage: The Spider's Web #3. Spent the morning looking through those binoculars and there's no sign. As or the beach line, that could totally be erosion, right?

Bond004 9James Bond #4, the secret agent who knows to stab the hand that's stabbing him. It's almost as if he's actually thought about this kind of thing properly.


Though over in Injection, James Bond writer Warren Ellis asks Declan Shalvey for something a little further up the arm. Though the comic follows the nerves further up to the brain….

unnamed (1)

Hellbreak goes for my own personal torture bugbear. Fingernails. It hurts to even look at…

So.. what did you buy this week?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who have a couple of signings today and on Friday… 



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