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42 Thoughts About 42 Of Today's Comics – Defying Satan's Rules…

A look through this week's comics what gems will be found? What stinkers? What… thoughts? And will an impending Hallowe'en give me a heat oppressed brain? Let's see.

From Betty And Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #238… am I the only one who misread "Satan" instead of "Santa"? It would give Archie a very different take. Damn, I really should pitch Archie Goes To Hell.


Although this one is a little clearer from Black Magick #1.


She's a cop. She's also a witch. She fights crime… you know, there's probably a place for her with Hellboy And The BPRD. Although some folk may get a little gnarly at the idea…

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. - 1953--The Phantom Hand & the Kelpie-009

Oh and I know I said that there wasn't any straight kissing in today's comics…



Even God Is Dead's very explicit orgy scene written by Bleeding Cool's Dan Wickline doesn't actually have a single kiss.


But ODY-C's explicit orgy scene most definitely does Okay, so we've had the kissing. But what about the punching? These are (mostly) superhero comic books after all. So as well as smooching in The Flash, we also get a punch.

The Flash (2011-) 045-006

That would do. Any more?


In Cyborg we only get more of a slap. Come on, you're letting the side down.


Art Ops looks to the power of art to move people. As in, knock them to the mat. Has a rather Grant Morrison Doom Patrol feel about it… remember Love Glove?


Munchkin #10 has a knock down battle to the end of time… as in that's how long it will take for this one to play out.


They'e not the only ones who will be waiting a long time, in Power Up #4.

Justice League 3001 (2015-) 005-004

While Guy Gardner chooses not to do the boxing glove punching in Justice League 3001, but we do get some exposition and explanation on what's been going up with his switch-to-female issues and exactly why, though still a male in mind, he has been having some more female experiences in this body.


Issues that Batgirl has less to worry about with Alysia, a very normal transgender character, getting married to her new wife Jo. The first transgender same-gender marriage in mainstream comic books? Looks like it… and a brand new future for the pair.


While Grayson, after a rather controversial beginning, keeps servicing the fans…

Fight Club 2 006-004

And Chuck Palahniuk and Cameron Stewart do some more new things with comics in Fight Club 2, in this case, laying film strip across the page… and we get a closer idea as to what Tyler Durden actually is.


And The Book Of Death #4 takes time out to smell the roses, thanks to Doug Braithwaite.


While the Book of Death: Legends of the Geomancer #4… doesn't.


And Savage Dragon really doesn't! Someone got out the aerosol ink splatter for this one…

xthoughts_ixg006And IXth Generation #6 gives the future a brand new Darkness….


Crossed tries to psychoanalyse one of the Crossed. The kind of person you never want to say "tell me about your mother" to. They'll just tell you aout yor mothr and what they've already done to here. And what would your mother say to that?mercuryh

Mercury Heat has the right idea.


The cast of Spread never saw Little Shop Of Horrors it seems…


In House Of M's final issue, maybe someone could have a word with Squirrel Girl? Someone else can mess with mutant powers…

New Suicide Squad (2014-) 013-014While in New Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn and Amadna Waller end up in… Ferguson? Could be anywhere in America really…Robin - Son of Batman (2015-) 005-009

Damian meets up with his mummy again in Robin Son Of Batman. Such a cloe bond they share. Close as a razor.
Chewbacca (2015-) 002-014Star Wars: Chewbacca seems to get mistaken for The Fifth Element. Badaboom.

Aquaman (2011-) 045-014

While Aquaman demonstrates that shapeshifters don't really have to try that hard to pretend to be his wife and commit rape-by-deception if this queen reminds him of Mera… what is it about kings of Atlantis and their taste in women?

Gotham by Midnight (2014-) 010-011

The true nature of The Spectre gets unveiled and elaborated upon in Gotham At Midnight. This is now canon folks, it was never about God or angels or divine retribution, it was all about him…. and that's confession that he's a ghost, not an angel….

Superman (2011-) 045-011 While today's Superman shows us that Superman's look can be very, very confusing, as Howard Porter brings his A game, alongside Justice League 3001. A rarity for an artist to have two books out on the same day….

IMG_0080While in the domain of Where Monsters Dwell, Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson neatly sidestep the censors.


Ooh look, everyone, Captain America used the R-word…


As Howling Commandos begins, we learn that Sitwell really is just as useless as he always was, even as a revived zombie.


Supercrime does have its downsides in Henchgirl. Especially when you don't the kind of body type that…IMG_0064

…yes, exactly. Batgirl in Batman & Robin Eternal there. Bet he doesn't have to wear a girdle. Even with her back problems….


Adventure Time 2015 Spoooktacular remembers that it's Hallowe'en, and triggers the hunger override.


While Over The Garden Wall plays hard mathematics to justify feeling a little peckish.


Spire #4 tries a little brooding for effect. Sorry Pug, you're no Batman. Oh what's the point, it's no use…


Sorry, Sonic Universe #81, I don't know what I was thinking.

Shrinking Man #4

Shrinking Man #4 digs for victory. Thankfully doesn't discover any "treasure".

TMNT #51

Yes, yes you are. Little changes in TMNT #51.

Transformers Redemption

Transformers Redemption gives poor advice for any budding mechanics. And Transformers must need quite a few of those…


Black Hood #6 as Howard Chaykin teaches us the danger of excessive hygenie. Get too clean and bad men will kill you. I think that's what it's saying anyway….


While John Carter Warlord Of Mars? He just gets lost.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently hosting the Observer/Comica Graphic Story Story Exhibition.


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