A Brand New Secret Six #3 For June

STK663655Secret Six by Gail Simone and Ken Lashley is late. Really late. The first issue came out on December 3rd. The second issue was a month late, February 11th. The third issue was then cancelled and resolicited for June.

It seems though that it still won't be ready. And so we will get a new issue 3, by Gail Simone and Dale Eaglesham, with the planned contents for #3 "Her name is Strix. What is her secret?!" pushed to issue 4… whenever that will be. The new issue solicits read,

In this issue, the last we saw these reluctant teammates, they were being hunted in Gotham. Prepare for a strange interlude with “The Nine Levels of Suburbia.” It’s a place where deadly assassins find themselves doing things they really never should do.

Delays like this can kill a new series, and the move from east coast to west won't have exactly helped things. This measure will at least help to minimise that a little…

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