A Cooking Competition In Space! Advance Review Of Space Battle Lunchtime #1

This week brings a very unique comic from Oni Press entitled, Space Battle Lunchtime #1, written and illustrated by Natalie Riess. I've always enjoyed the variety that Oni Press offers with their comics, but this title in particular grabbed my attention. So, what's Space Battle Lunchtime? It's an intergalactic cooking competition. When one of the competing chefs drops out at the last minute, an aspiring baker from earth, Peony, gets the opportunity of a lifetime (and a chance at a 20,000 Solarbuck prize!). But it is quite an adjustment to go from an earth bakery to a spaceship. Rightfully so, I'd say.

I was drawn to this title simply because of the competitive cooking show-esque premise. I'm a sucker for Food Network shows, and have been known to binge them from time to time. Riess writes an entertaining script, one with fun dialogue and a captivating plot. The art is simple, cute, and adds a light feel to the overall reading experience. I enjoyed the pacing, and felt like I could relate to the way the main character was handling being zapped up into space to compete. I think what we have here is a comic with a lot of potential, and because the first issue ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, I'll be very excited to grab the second issue. I'm sure you'll all feel the same, so be sure to pick up Space Battle Lunchtime #1 this Wednesday, May 4th. Preview some of the pages below…

SBLT-#1-MARKETING_Preview-1 SBLT-#1-MARKETING_Preview-7 SBLT-#1-MARKETING_Preview-8 SBLT-#1-MARKETING_Preview-9-10 SBLT-#1-MARKETING_Preview-11 SBLT-#1-MARKETING_Preview-12 SBLT-#1-MARKETING_Preview-13 SBLT-#1-MARKETING_Preview-14