A New Beginning For Rogue Trooper


It's that time of the month when publishers start looking at numbers on books, start punching them into calculators and start sending out previews to sites like Bleeding Cool to give specific titles a little nudge if they might read them.

So, retailers, readers, in that light, here are five pages from the first issue of IDW's Rogue Trooper based on the 2000AD strip, along with Glenn Fabry's standard cover and James Stokoe's Subscription cover.
You know, your standard story of an everyday artificially created army grunt and his three comrades, dowloaded ex-soldier personalities grafter onto his gun, bag and helmet.

See of you like it, and if you like it, do what you have to do.


Rogue.01.Page01_ColorsRogue.01.Page02_Colors Rogue.01.Page05_Colors Rogue.01.Page04_Colors Rogue.01.Page03_Colors

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