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Duncan Jones Posts Update on his Rogue Trooper Film

Duncan Jones Posts Update on his 'Rogue Trooper' Film

Filmmaker Duncan Jones is hard at work on his upcoming comic book film adaptation- 2000AD's Rogue Trooper.We don't know much about what Jones has in mind for his blue-skinned solider, but we do know he's making progress on a script.[caption id="attachment_882485" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Duncan JonesPhoto by Kathy Hutchins /[/caption]Just today, the Moon, Mute, Warcraft director tweeted a bit of[...]

Rebellion Buys a Studio for Judge Dredd: Mega City One Rogue Trooper

Rebellion Buys a Studio for 'Judge Dredd: Mega City One', 'Rogue Trooper'

I did read the comics when I was a kid, as I teenager I read Judge Dredd a lot." The other upcoming project is a live-action film adaptation of 2000 AD's Rogue Trooper comic, which will be directed by Duncan Jones (Moon, Mute, Warcraft).Rebellion co-creator (along with his brother Chris) Jason Kingsley told Variety that the barriers between different types of[...]

Duncan Jones Reveals What Comic Book Movie Hes Doing &#8211 Its Something 2000AD

Duncan Jones Reveals What Comic Book Movie He's Doing – It's Something 2000AD

all leading up to the reveal of his new haircut.[caption id="attachment_883914" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Duncan Jones shows off his new haircut[/caption]Commenters were quick to comment something-something Zangif (Street Fighter), but it does appear that Jones will be tackling Rogue Trooper, the Genetic Infantryman.The character first appeared in 1981 in a 2000AD comic by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons, and[...]

Heres Five Minutes Of Rogue Trooper Redux Gameplay

Here's Five Minutes Of Rogue Trooper Redux Gameplay

Rogue Trooper Redux deploys onto the blasted wastes of Nu-Earth later this month - including on Nintendo Switch! And today, we have five minutes of gameplay ready to go for you.Originally slated to release soon after other platforms, development of the Nintendo Switch edition has now finished ahead of schedule Today Rebellion can reveal Rogue Trooper Redux launches on[...]

2000 AD #2050 Review: A Mixed Bag With Some Compelling Tales

2000 AD #2050 Review: A Mixed Bag With Some Compelling Tales

[rwp-review-recap id="0"][caption id="attachment_723556" align="aligncenter" width="600"] 2000 AD #2050 cover by Simon Davis[/caption]In this extra-sized issue of the sci-fi anthology book, 2000 AD, we have stories of Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Grey Area, Slaine, Indigo Prime, Sinister Dexter, and The Fall of Dead World.The Judge Dredd story entitled 'Icon', by T.C Eglington, Colin MacNeil, and Chris[...]

GDC: Rebellion Announces Rogue Trooper: Redux For Switch

GDC: Rebellion Announces Rogue Trooper: Redux For Switch

This morning at GDC, Rebellion revealed a remaster of Rogue Trooper titled Rogue Trooper: Redux for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will be exactly like you remember it, just updated to look better and play better on the current generation of consoles.For those who don't remember or never played the original, Rogue[...]

4001ADs War Mother From Valiant Reminds Me Of 2000ADs Rogue Trooper&#8230

4001AD's War Mother From Valiant Reminds Me Of 2000AD's Rogue Trooper…

Fittingly, the title of the one-shot is “A Girl and Her Gun.” Does that remind you of anyone else? A certain Rogue Trooper from 2000AD? A genetically created, blue-skinned, manufactured super soldier with a sentient gun, backpack and helmet, personalities of dead soldiers grafted onto his equipment?A solid heritage if true...Valiant had already teased this part[...]

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28 Thoughts About 28 Comics – Uncanny X-Men, Kung Fu Bible Classics, Batman Eternal, The Death Of Wolverine, Blood Queen, Dejah Mars, Hawkeye Vs Deadpool, Avengers World, Moon Knight, Southern Bastards, Star-Lord, Miracleman, God Is Dead, Extinction Parade, Uber, Alice Cooper, Chaos, Ex Con, Mars Attacks, Indestructible, My Little Pony, Red Sonja, Rogue Trooper, Turok, Squidder, Twilight Zone, Silent Hill and Angry Birds

Seriously, they should try doing this at the Cern Particle Accelerator.Red Sonja: Tower #1 points out the difficulties that a barbarian woman had keeping her weapons clean, in a fashion never expected of their male colleagues.Of course sometimes the weapons have problems of their own, such as in Rogue Trooper Classics #5Turok #7, less a Dinosaur[...]

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Rogue Trooper On Hold At IDW Full Speed Ahead At 2000AD

Rogue Trooper On Hold At IDW, Full Speed Ahead At 2000AD

Did anyone else notice no new Rogue Trooper in the June Previews from IDW, only the classic reprint series?I'm told that the new originated series from IDW by Brian Ruckley and Alberto Ponticelli, based on the 2000AD sci-fi soldier created by Gerry Finley-Day to Dave Gibbons, has been put on hold due to disappointing sales.But[...]

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A New Beginning For Rogue Trooper

A New Beginning For Rogue Trooper

It's that time of the month when publishers start looking at numbers on books, start punching them into calculators and start sending out previews to sites like Bleeding Cool to give specific titles a little nudge if they might read them.So, retailers, readers, in that light, here are five pages from the first issue of[...]

José Ortiz Dies Aged 81

José Ortiz Dies, Aged 81

A Spanish, or Catalan artist, he worked on comics including Warren's Apocalypse, Night of the Jackass and Coffin in Eerie, and Pantha in Vampirella.He also co-created Hombre with Antonio Segura in the magazine Cimoc, as well as founding the publishing house Metropol in the eighties.During that period he also worked on British comics Eagle, Scream and considerable work[...]

Godless Worlds Brian Ruckley To Launch New Rogue Trooper Series For IDW (UPDATE)

Godless World's Brian Ruckley To Launch New Rogue Trooper Series For IDW (UPDATE)

Brian Ruckley is a Scottish fantasy writer, author of the Godless World trilogy, Winterbirth, Bloodheir and Fall Of Thanes.And now, it seems, the new Rogue Trooper series from IDW, adapting the long running 2000AD strip created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons for the American market.The comic will be drawn by Dial H's Albert Ponticello,[...]

Separated At Birth: Yondu And Rogue Trooper

Separated At Birth: Yondu And Rogue Trooper

This is Yondu from Guardians Of The Galaxy.And this is Yondu from the upcoming movie version.This is Rogue Trooper.And this is Rogue Trooper without his helmet.I wonder if there was any influence?You know, Grant Morrison's still meant to have written that Rogue Trooper screenplay for Sam Worthington... This is Yondu from Guardians Of The Galaxy.And[...]