A New Captain Britain Comic For 2016?

	bucky_exhibition_670At the weekend, Mark Buckingham launched his new exhibition at Orbital Comics in London with a talk. During which he talked abot his love for the Marvel comics character Captain Britain and his desire to work on the character.

Now Buckingham is busy right now. Very busy. Concluding his Miracleman run with Neil Gaiman. A nunber of Vertigo projects. It's unlikely that he could fit in a Captain Britain full time project any time soon.

But 2016 is the fortieth anniversary of the character. And I have heard rumblings of his return. Could Buckingham be involed in some way?

It would also be the only time Marvel US has given the character a solo series…

Alan Moore and Alan Davis worked on Captain Britain and then-Marvelman simultaneously. Maybe it's somehow right to bring that dynamic back with Bucky?

The Daredevils (11)

2016, y'all.

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