Action Comics Rewrites The DC Universe, Gives Them… Infinity Stones?

The current run of Action Comics written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson has seen Superman take his pursuit of freedom and justice to WarWorld, run by Mongul, in an attempt to free the captive, fighting slaves of the world. A freedom, however, it seems that few want. A confrontation of the simplicities summed up by Superman that have complications and wrinkles when applied to people, with a history and culture that simplistic approaches ignore. And chains. I thought it was really good and a bold, appreciative approach to the character. Not everyone agrees, obviously.

Action Comics #1043
Action Comics #1043

But this week, in Action Comics #1043, Johnson and Riccardo Federici uncover a deeper darker mystery to Mongul's actions on WarWorld. First we have Superman and Moses, a tame as old as time. But there is more, much more.


Action Comics

Olgrun, a new ancient god of the DC Universe who seems to have created much of it.

Action Comics

Seven sacred stones split up across the universe, of different colours and abilities.  And spread out across all of… infinity. Sorry, they have one more stone than the Infinity Gems and so are much better. By dint of mathematics.

Action Comics

I don't suppose there is a gauntlet in which Mongul could house them all? Just need eight spots, that's all.

Action Comics

So… is Mongul worthy or unworthy? Place your bets… and is this another form for the Greak Darkness to take?

(W) Phillip Kennedy Johnson (A) Riccardo Federici, Ben Templesmith (CA) Dale Eaglesham
The next chapter of the Warworld Saga begins! Following the first victory by Superman and the Phaelosians, the Warworld Rebellion has begun. But Mongul has become more merciless than ever, cracking down on his enemies with unspeakable cruelty. With Superman's people suffering and his options dwindling, his thoughts turn to the mythical necropolis that supposedly lies at the heart of Warworld. Superman's epic space adventure continues in this new arc! Then, in Myth of the Mongul, journey back to the origin of the first Mongul in history…and uncover deadly secrets that could spell certain doom for Superman and his revolution!
Retail: $4.99 In-Store Date: 05/24/2022

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