Action Lab Publishes Rest of Missing Gordon McLean's Supermom Online

Back in 2019, Bleeding Cool has highlighted a new comic bookSupermom: Expecting Trouble, written by Gordon Mclean. On the 16th of December, Mclean wrote a piece for Bleeding Cool highlighting his new comic book, which we ran on the 18th of December, the same day that the comic was published by Action Lab Entertainment.  However, McLean hadn't been seen since the 17th December, after going to a party in the Glasgow/Greenock/Inverclyde area of Scotland. Footage emerged of him on the 18th, but three months on, there has been no sign.

Action Lab Entertainment has now had to cancel the remaining issues of Supermom: Expecting Trouble in print, but has published the first five issues digitally on ComiXology,  Here is what would have been. And if anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Gordon Mclean, please let the authorities know.

Supermom: Expecting Trouble #1


Superhero Voltra is out to stop her archnemesis from taking over the planet. There's just one problem: she's pregnant… and he's the father. Cue the world's strongest mother fighting the world's evilest father over the fate of both the world and their unborn child in this action-comedy filled with big laughs, crazy fights, shocking twists and (most importantly) evil monkey clowns. What more do you need?


Supermom: Expecting Trouble #2


So how exactly did the superhero Voltra manage to become pregnant with a supervillain's baby? Discover the truth behind the world's worst one-night stand and how the child's mega-evil father reacts. It really doesn't help matters that Voltra's sidekick/little sister thinks it's hysterical that her big sis has been knocked up by a supervillain and her mom's probably going to kill her when she finds out. Then see Voltra face her toughest challenge yet: surviving a superhero baby shower. A baby shower that's been gate crashed by… HIM?!?!


Supermom: Expecting Trouble #3


In a world where superpowers are passed on through genetics the question of "Who will the kid take after: the mother or the father?" takes on a whole new level of importance when mom's a superhero and dad's a supervillain. Unfortunately for the pregnant Voltra it looks like the baby might be taking after daddy… To make matter worse the despicable The Devil's Duo are on a mission to burn the whole city down. And as scary as they are the DD pale in comparison to Voltra's most terrifying challenge yet: finally having to reveal to her mother who the baby's father is.



Supermom: Expecting Trouble #4


How problematic can a superhero pregnancy be? In Voltra's case very, thanks to her archnemesis Vincent Croupe being the father and the baby having inherited daddy's ability to "drain" people. The child has now taken almost all of Voltra's powers and left her stuck in hospital while Croupe makes his final bid for world domination. Croupe unleashes an army of giant gloopy flesh monsters. Dischordia shows how formidable her reality-warping power can truly be. Armies crumble. Heroes fall. And the only person who can stop Croupe is trapped in a hospital bed

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Supermom: Expecting Trouble #5


Backed up by giant flesh monsters and goons, supervillain team Croupe and Dischordia have wiped out every cop, soldier and superhero. The battlefield is their's. Next: the world. There's only one person who can possibly stop them: the pregnant superhero Voltra. It doesn't matter that Croupe is the child's father or that the superpowered baby has drained her of almost all her powers, Voltra will be damned if she lets her kid be born into a world where Croupe's in charge. So begins the final battle as superhero mom fights supervillain dad over the fate of the world and their unborn child

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