Adam Kubert Selling Self On Ebay To Benefit Hero Initiative For Free Comic Book Day


Have you ever wanted your own Adam Kubert? Well, you're in luck, because Kubert is selling himself on eBay right now, with 100% of the winning bid going to The Hero Initiative, a charity that helps comic book creators in need with "emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and entree back into paying work." The current bid is $650 with six days left on the auction, so bring your checkbook, and you could end up with Adam Kubert for two glorious hours on Free Comic Book Day, May 6, 2017. Transportation and travel is included, so Adam Kubert will be delivered right to your doorstep, where he will sign for two hours and also make you one 8×10 drawing of a character of your choosing.

There's just one catch, unfortunately. The auction is for comic book stores only, which means you can't just have Adam Kubert over to your house to Netflix and chill. You can, however, donate Adam Kubert to your local comic book store, and he will come there and sign for two hours. Or, you could rent out an empty storefront for a day, fill it with cardboard cutouts of spinner racks and happy customers, and wait until Kubert's ride leaves before you break the news that it's just going to be you and him staring awkwardly at each other for two hours. Fun!

Either way, head over to eBay to check out the auction if you're interested.

About Jude Terror

A prophecy says that in the comic book industry's darkest days, a hero will come to lead the people through a plague of overpriced floppies, incentive variant covers, #1 issue reboots, and super-mega-crossover events.

Scourge of Rich Johnston, maker of puns, and seeker of the Snyder Cut, Jude Terror, sadly, is not the hero comics needs right now... but he's the one the industry deserves.

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