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Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby And Will Eisner Featured In Latest Humble Bundle

This year, San Diego Comic-Con is honoring the lives and careers of Jack Kirby and Will Eisner — legendary comics creators who were both born in 1917. Humble Bundle is joining in on the celebration with a new bundle featuring classic comics, epic collections, and fascinating history from Dark Horse Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Image Comics, TwoMorrows […]

Hero Initiative To Hold 3 Live Auctions For Wonder Woman 100 Project

Hero Initiative, the charity that helps comic book creators in medical and financial need, is showing off Wonder Woman in all her glory. DC Entertainment created a precious few blank-covered editions of the Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special and the Hero Initiative got 100+ top artists to do original drawings right on the cover. The result […]

Hero Initiative To Host Bill Willingham And A Beer Party At C2E2

The Hero Initiative is hosting the world premiere of Ten Pin Creep, a Revival mystery story told across six beer labels. The party will be held during Chicago's C2E2 convention on Friday April 21st from 7 to 10 PM. Price will be $4 per beer or the full six-pack for $20. There will also be […]

Hey Joe Quesada, Stan Lee, Never End An eBay Auction On A Monday

The Hero Initiative charity that fundraises to help veteran comic book creators in need has a couple of items closing on eBay today that could, conceivably be underpriced. Closing eBay auctions on a Monday is never a good idea.Let's see if we can help. On April 14th in Beverley Hills, Marvel Comics CCO Joe Quesada […]

Stan Lee And Joe Quesada To Do Cup O' Joe In Beverly Hills

The Hero Initiative is having a big event in April and we've got the details. There will be a special Cup o' Joe panel with the Chairman Emeritus of Marvel, Stan Lee and Marvel Entertainment's Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada, will have a special chat to benefit Hero Initiative, the charity that helps comic book creators in […]

Stan Lee Has Given Over $100,000 To The Hero Initiative

The Hero Initiative has been rolling out new video campaigns lately with a new one just going up yesterday. It's not a lot of new footage, but then again it's a charity support video not a movie trailer, but one of the most notable things is the inclusion of a segment with the legendary Stan […]

Russ Heath, Tanya Horie And Lea Hernandez On How The Hero Initiative Helped Them

You've probably heard of The Hero Initiative and know that they are a charity organization that help comic creators in need… but how they help isn't often talked about. They step up and help with medical bills, utilities, supplies… or in some case simply helping with transportation. And for those who they help, it means […]

BC Readers Help Raise Money For The Hero Initiative

Last week we ran an article about how sets of Ashley Witter variant covers of Doctro Aphra #1 for Legend Comics / Brain Trust were being auctioned and sold to raise money for the Hero Initiative. I got word from Steven Finkel from the Comic Mint yesterday that with the help of the push by Bleeding Cool […]

Hero Initiative To Have Massive Presence At Long Beach Comic Con

The Hero Initiative, the non-profit organization that helps comic creators in medical and financial need, is set to have a large presence at the Long Beach Comic Con the weekend of September 17th-18th. They will be set up at booth #813/#914 and will be the exclusive home base for Mike Perkins (Captain America) and Mike […]

The Hero Initiative Brings Steve Englehart To Baltimore

I did a small convention in San Jose many years back and was on a panel about comic writing with Steve Englehart. It was one of the panel I've most enjoyed being on, not only because of the stories he had to tell, but the realization that he and I approached writing comic differently. Where […]

Finding Nei Ruffino For A Good Cause

Cover artist and colorist Nei Ruffino is going to disappear at the SDCC to help raise money for the Hero Initiative. The clever creator has come up with a scavenger hunt using a Go Fund Me page where you can donate to the charity, put your email in the notes and you get a clue […]

Mike Grell Hits Heroes Con For The Hero Initiative

Mike Grell, writer and artist on such classic series as Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters, The Warlord and Jon Sable, will be attending this weekends Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina (June 17th – 19th). He is at the show on behalf of the Hero Initiative and will be signing all weekend at their booth, #1022 […]

Dan Jurgens Covers Price Guide For Hero Initiative

The Hero Initiative has announced that there will be a limited edition hardcover version of Gemstone Publishing latest offering of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. The limited edition cover for #46 will be done by the art team of Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund and Tanya Horie and will feature the last son of Krypton […]

Choose Your Own Charity With Humble Bundle

I was over on the Humble Bundle website taking a look at the Pathfinder comics bundle from Dynamite Entertaiment, and I noticed something I hadn't seen before. This particular bundle is set up to give funds to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Doctors Without Borders, the Make A Wish Foundation and Camden's Concerts. It was […]

Udderly Gigantic Humble Bundle From Top Cow

I'm going to go into this admitting that I am biased here. Top Cow has hooked up with Humble Bundle to offer up what they are calling the Humble Comics Bundle: Udderly Gigantic Top Cow Collection… get it… udders… anyway. You can get $600 worth of Top Cow digital comics at pay-what-you-want price. This is […]

We Looked At Hero Initiative's Finances – And What We Found May Surprise You

Did you know that in 2012-2013, the Hero Initiative spent almost as much on travel expenses as they did delivering direct grants to needy creators? The charity that raises funds to help out veteran comic book creators in financial straits is everpresent in the comic book industry. With senior figures on its board, working with the likes […]

Dave Johnson Does SDCC Exclusive Overstreet Cover For Hero Initiative

You take one of the best cover artists in the industry, have him draw an iconic character from one of the most celebrated creators of all time, put it on a limited edition of the definitive price guide and have all the money go to a charity to help creators in need… that all sounds […]

The Rob Granito eBay Charity Sale – Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll Up!

You may recall Rob Granito, a swiper extraordinaire who used to strut the lines of Comic Cons across the country selling his wares as he made up a fictional CV of working on Batman animated series and of working with many other comic book creators, all while swiping work their and selling it as if […]

Timeless Wise Words From The Soapbox

You say the name Stan Lee and most people think about larger-than life character that cameos in most Marvel movies. Others think about the debate about creators right and how credit for the early Marvel characters were presented. For some growing up in the 70s and 80s he was the face and voice of comics. […]